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How to cope with ageing parents Part 2

This guide is based on a conversation between Psychotherapist Julie Merchant from Lifeisgr8 Coaching and Counselling and Holistic...
In Health for the new age, Lifestyle - 24 Mar 2023, 18:01


Warning of stigma associated with tuberculosis

In News, Portugal, Health - 23 Mar 2023, 17:01

National Health Service wants to change referral system for non-urgent cases

In News, Portugal, Health - 23 Mar 2023, 14:32

World Oral Health Day: What your mouth says about your overall health

In Health - 22 Mar 2023, 18:01

Risks of poor oral health revealed

In News, Health - 20 Mar 2023, 17:02


Health for the new age

Can exercise help with endometriosis?

Experts explain how movement might alleviate symptoms of the condition. 
In Health, Lifestyle - 16 Mar 2023, 10:01

Boost your mental health in 10 minutes

Experts share practical advice for dealing with unpleasant moods. 
In Health, Lifestyle - 15 Mar 2023, 19:01

Could my headache be a brain tumour?

In Health, Lifestyle - 14 Mar 2023, 18:01

Hormones, appetite and eating habits

In Health - 10 Mar 2023, 12:01

A two part guide for adult children for supporting and coping with aging parents

In Lifestyle, Health - 07 Mar 2023, 20:01

When you should be worried about ringing in your ears?

In Health, Lifestyle - 07 Mar 2023, 18:01

Pelvic floor exercises you need to do

In Health, Lifestyle - 20 Feb 2023, 18:01

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Is the Algarve the Florida of Europe?

Over the fifty years I have lived here, I have often speculated if the Algarve is the future ‘Florida’ of Europe.
In Opinion - 27 Mar 2023, 20:02

Oumuamua, Avi Loeb, and the Galileo Project: Exploring Interstellar Mysteries and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Recent headlines in the news have drawn attention to an alleged "alien mothership" in our...
In Curiosity , Galactic

Behind the ‘Multifaceted Globes’ project

Last week, sculptural artist and owner of the wine and art estate, Quinta dos Vales, Karl...
In News, Portugal, Lifestyle, Algarve

Health for the new age

Wellness Advanced REHC

We get to the route of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. We promote your talent, the best of you. 
In Health for the new age, Business, Algarve - 09 Mar 2023, 08:01

Why is giving up so tough?

Dry January has moved on to Lent, a period that stretches over 43 days. So, if you’ve...
In Lifestyle, Health for the new age - 02 Mar 2023, 19:01

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Buying Portuguese property in the metaverse

In News, Portugal, Crypto - 24 Mar 2023, 20:02

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Raising awareness of poisonings

The INEM Anti-Poison Information Centre conducted an average of about 70 consultations per...
In News, Portugal, Health - 20 Feb 2023, 14:01

Invisible things that might be putting your heart health at risk

Sometimes, it’s obvious when our health is under threat – but what about the things we...
In Health, Lifestyle - 19 Feb 2023, 20:01

Do the Portuguese exercise enough?

More than one in three adults in the European Union do not comply with the World Health...
In News, Europe, Health, Portugal - 19 Feb 2023, 18:01

Lisbon nurses on strike

A hundred nurses from the Regional Health Administration of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley...
In Health, Lisbon - 17 Feb 2023, 20:01

Why am I such a bad sleeper? Research finds half of us don’t get enough

As new findings reveal most of us aren’t getting enough shut-eye, Abi Jackson talks to...
In Health - 16 Feb 2023, 20:01

MDMA for mental health

Australia is the first country in the world to recognise the use of psychedelics such as...
In World, Health - 16 Feb 2023, 09:31

Cardiology Foundation wants to tax foods with excessive salt content

In News, Health - 13 Feb 2023, 09:00

Perimenopause – What you need to know

In Health, Lifestyle - 07 Feb 2023, 19:01

Hidden signs your child might have anxiety

In Health, Lifestyle - 07 Feb 2023, 12:01

Cancer death risk higher in people with type 2 diabetes – how to prevent it

In Health, Lifestyle - 29 Jan 2023, 14:01

What’s the ‘damp’ TikTok trend?

In Health, Lifestyle - 28 Jan 2023, 13:01