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Ericeira hosting a Wine and Jazz Festival

On 4 June, The Base Cowork Ericeira will host the first annual Ericeira Wine & Jazz Festival in the centre of the town of...
By Bruno G. Santos, In Community, Wine, Other Events - 22 May 2022, 17:05

“Ainda não sabemos ao certo que florestas vamos atravessar”

By PA/TPN, In Community, Events - 20 May 2022, 18:02


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Portugal and Ukraine reach final of the Eurovision

Portugal and Ukraine were among the ten countries that reached the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in last night’s...
In Portugal, Europe, Events, Music - 11 May 2022, 15:05

Ridiculous Nunsense!

In Events - 06 Apr 2022, 16:00

Exhibition on domestic violence in Coimbra

By Bruno G. Santos, In Events - 01 Apr 2022, 12:00

Ten Divine Reasons to see Nunsense

In Events - 29 Mar 2022, 16:22

International Rotary Club of Lagoa

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Community, Events - 29 Mar 2022, 16:18

Algarve Camerata in residence... in the Church of São Sebastião

In Community, Events - 27 Mar 2022, 08:08

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The Crypto clinic

Stephen Whitelaw answers your CryptoCurrency questions
By Stephen Whitelaw, In Crypto - 23 May 2022, 08:03

Has UK society really become glib, broken and divided?

I've often heard expats declare their belief that UK society has become ever more...
By Douglas Hughes, In Opinion Pieces

Finding your true self

Paula Martins
By Paula Martins, In Lifestyle, Health


Ukraine leads the favourites for Eurovision

Twenty-five countries compete today in the final of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, in Turin, Italy, with Portugal being...
By TPN/Lusa, In Lifestyle, Europe, Music - 14 May 2022, 12:11

Keep it live!

Rockhopper is a friendly five-piece live rock band, formed in 2019 in the Algarve, that...
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Music - 13 May 2022, 16:10

Foo Fighters cancel all concerts, including in Portugal

By TPN/Lusa, In Music - 30 Mar 2022, 10:48

Portugal left off Rolling Stones tour

By TPN/Lusa, In Portugal, Music - 14 Mar 2022, 17:04

Algarve’s ardent music duo Collar&Cuffs

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Music, Entertainment - 20 Feb 2022, 13:12

13 best summer music festivals in Portugal

By Daisy Sampson, In Music - 16 Feb 2022, 13:20

2022 Concert Season!

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Music, Entertainment - 11 Feb 2022, 16:06

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Has UK society really become glib, broken and divided?

By Douglas Hughes, In Opinion Pieces - 22 May 2022, 18:00

The Portugal News now in Portuguese

By TPN, In News, Portugal - 20 May 2022, 09:06

Portugal least vulnerable to Ukraine war impact

By Paula Martins, In News, Portugal, World, Economy - 18 May 2022, 14:05

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Celebrating Wetlands at Convento Bio

Focused on bringing awareness about Alagoas Brancas, an eight-days Art Exhibition has started on 2 February at 2:30 in Lagoa.
In Community, Other Events, Algarve, Environment - 07 Feb 2022, 13:44

Portugal walks - this week

Tuesday, 8 February – Let’s Walk to the abandoned village near Esteval dos...
In Other Events, Community - 07 Feb 2022, 12:41

Festival Verão Azul

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Other Events - 10 Nov 2021, 11:30

American Club California/Portugal partnership event

By TPN, In Community, Other Events - 23 Oct 2021, 19:00

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“Through a Different Lens- Stanley Kubrick Photographs”

“Through a Different Lens – Stanley Kubrick Photographs” exhibition by the D. Luís...
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Exhibitions - 26 Apr 2022, 14:04

Upcoming Algarve History Association Events

A lecture on the Portuguese revolution, a concert, and guided walks in Tavira are the...
In Events, Community - 26 Mar 2022, 14:32

An English Afternoon Tea with a Portuguese Twist

Figs on the Funcho will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in Portugal on 28...
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Events, Community - 26 Mar 2022, 11:00

The Algarveans ready to entertain with some “Nunsense”

The Algarveans are returning to the Lagoa Humorfest with Nunsense, a musical comedy by Dan...
In Events, Community - 12 Mar 2022, 12:13

Algarve History Association upcoming events

Lectures in Tavira Municipal Library and Guided Walks in Tavira
In Events - 06 Mar 2022, 16:20

The Carnac Alignments and the megalithic builders of Western Europe

On Tuesday 8th March, the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) will be presenting two...
In Events - 05 Mar 2022, 14:00

Portugal’s monarchy on stage

In Events - 04 Mar 2022, 11:00

Bringing memories alive

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Community, Music - 03 Feb 2022, 11:00