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Waterworld – A science fiction experiment about climate change

“Waterworld” is a multidisciplinary project reflecting on the impact of climate change on the Ria Formosa, around Faro, which...
In News, Portugal, Sustainability , Algarve - 06 May 2023, 15:01

Évora's bid to restore biodiversity

A school in Évora is one of the first in the country to plant a forest using the Japanese...
In News, Alentejo, Sustainability - 30 Apr 2023, 18:01

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From Trading Cards to CryptoPunks: A Personal Journey into NFTs

As we embark further into the digital age, one term making waves across various platforms...
In Crypto

Remembering the Austin Maestro

Ten years ago, I visited a large barn in Yorkshire, a place packed full of Austin Montegos...
In Lifestyle

Euthanasia – A moral and legal minefield

In Opinion

Other Sustainability Articles

Preserving the cliffs of Lagos

Lagos will move forward with works to protect the cliffs of D. Ana beach through a...
In Algarve, Tourism, Sustainability - 02 Apr 2023, 15:01

Braga wins EC Sustainable Mobility Award

Braga was the winning city of the Sustainable Mobility Award of the 2022 edition of the...
In News, Portugal, Porto & North, Sustainability - 24 Mar 2023, 18:02