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“Extraordinary” impact of tourism on Portuguese GDP

Paulo Portas has stated that “it is absolutely extraordinary” that the tourism sector has a weight of 20% of the national GDP. In News, Crypto, Tourism - 01 Dec 2023, 20:05

Transport companies want the minimum age for bus drivers to change

In News, Portugal - 01 Dec 2023, 16:01

Food bank support needed

In News, Portugal - 01 Dec 2023, 15:01

COP28 and Climate Science

In Opinion - 01 Dec 2023, 14:01



650 occurrences due to heavy rain

Portugal recorded more than 650 occurrences, resulting from the heavy rain that fell mainly in the central and southern areas of... In News, Portugal - 01 Dec 2023, 12:31

Unemployment rate rises

The unemployment rate increased to 6.7% in October, 0.6 percentage points above the same... In News, Portugal - 01 Dec 2023, 12:05

Stray Animals on the agenda

In News, Portugal - 01 Dec 2023, 11:02

Life expectancy rises

In News, Portugal - 01 Dec 2023, 08:05

International tourism recovers close to 90%

In News, Tourism, World - 30 Nov 2023, 20:01

New law for motorcyclists

In News, Portugal - 30 Nov 2023, 19:01

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Anybody fancy a bug sandwich?

As the UK TV’s ‘Jungle’ series with its ‘Bushtucker Trials’ comes to a close, this seemed like a good time to talk about... In Lifestyle, Food & Drink - 01 Dec 2023, 18:01

Portugal's Real Estate Hits All-Time High with Record Summer Surge in Foreign Investment!

In Property, Portugal


Over-registration increased abstention by 7%

A study released today indicates that the national electoral rolls have around one million more voters than the estimated number... In News, Portugal, Politics - 30 Nov 2023, 15:01

Voting location updates deadline

Voters who want to change their voting location for the March 10th early elections must... In News, Portugal, Politics - 30 Nov 2023, 11:02

PSD leader commits to “minimum income of 820 euros” for retirees

In News, Portugal, Politics - 29 Nov 2023, 14:05

"Lisbon should be Russian", says Kremlin propagandist

In News, Portugal, Politics - 28 Nov 2023, 09:37

Portugal has "good reasons" to trust in the future

In News, Portugal, Politics - 27 Nov 2023, 12:02

Editor's Choice

Portugal 7th safest country in the world

In News, Portugal - 27 Nov 2023, 19:05

Changes to tax regime for non-habitual residents approved

In News, Portugal, Business - 27 Nov 2023, 17:23

7 Places to Retire in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 25 Nov 2023, 20:02


Christian Brueckner to be tried in Germany next year

German suspect in the death of Madeleine McCann, Christian Brueckner will be tried in Germany for five other crimes and... In News, Crime, Europe - 30 Nov 2023, 14:33

Driving license warning

The Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT) has issued a warning relating to a fraud... In News, Portugal, Crime - 28 Nov 2023, 19:05

Road inspections and infractions rise

In News, Portugal, Crime - 24 Nov 2023, 14:02

20 arrests in fake water analysis operation

In News, Portugal, Crime - 23 Nov 2023, 16:55


Is environmentalism becoming a sort of new religion?

A poignant question, and a question I've pondered repeatedly and it just bodes another. Why? In Opinion, Environment - 24 Nov 2023, 19:01

How to move your whole life to Portugal from the USA - including your horse?

Airline travel is rarely fun anymore with smaller seats, far less legroom, unruly... In Opinion, Lifestyle, North America - 24 Nov 2023, 16:05


Eucalyptus trees - friend or foe to Portugal?

In Opinion - 24 Nov 2023, 09:05

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

In Opinion - 23 Nov 2023, 13:01

AI - a hazardous myth

In Opinion - 21 Nov 2023, 17:31

The Real Space Race

In Opinion - 20 Nov 2023, 13:01

Health care, a major factor for Americans moving to Portugal

In Opinion - 16 Nov 2023, 16:02


New books to read this week

Cult writer Naomi Alderman is back with her first book in seven years… In Lifestyle, Education - 27 Nov 2023, 19:01

Education Program

The Butler University of Indianapolis has created a 2-year debt-free college... In North America, World, Education - 25 Nov 2023, 17:31

Combating lack of teachers

In News, Education - 04 Nov 2023, 10:02

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“Alarming levels” of air pollution

Environmental association Zero has measured “dangerous concentrations of ultrafine particles in the air” in Lisbon, concluding... In News, Portugal, Environment - 28 Nov 2023, 12:02

Endangered Animals

The tiny island of Dominica is creating the world’s first marine protected area for one... In South America, World, Environment - 25 Nov 2023, 19:31


Vaccination campaign continues

Around 16,300 people have already been vaccinated against the flu and 5,900 against Covid-19 in the Autonomous Region of Madeira,... In News, Portugal, COVID-19, Madeira & Azores - 24 Oct 2023, 16:17

More than 370 thousand Portuguese vaccinated

More than 370 thousand Portuguese people, aged 60 or over, were already vaccinated this... In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 21 Oct 2023, 15:02

“Future proof” Covid-19 vaccines

In News, COVID-19 - 26 Sep 2023, 11:02

Other News Articles

Beyond remote: The future of work and online learning

"Salary premium" for young people

According to Lusa, the Council of Ministers approved on 29 November, the decree-law that... In News, Portugal, Economy - 30 Nov 2023, 17:01

Lisbon City Council budget approved

According to Lusa, the Lisbon City Council in majority, approved on 29 November, the... In News, Property, Lisbon, Economy - 30 Nov 2023, 16:01

Bad weather leads to 72 incidents

Mainland Portugal recorded between 00:00 and 12:00 today, 72 incidents related to bad... In News, Portugal - 30 Nov 2023, 15:33

Strong auroras likely due to solar storm 'Cannibal'

The U.S. space agency NASA and the Space Weather Prediction Center have warned that a... In News, Portugal, North America, South America - 30 Nov 2023, 14:01

Deadline to pay the last IMI installment ends today

Property owners whose IMI exceeds 100 euros have until today to pay the last installment... In News, Portugal, Economy, Property - 30 Nov 2023, 13:01

Domino’s opens in Vilamoura

Domino's has just opened a new shop in the Algarve region, this time in Vilamoura.  In News, Portugal, Business, Algarve - 30 Nov 2023, 12:05

12 incidents on the island of São Miguel due to weather

In News, Madeira & Azores - 30 Nov 2023, 11:37

Brussels wants to see travellers reimbursed within 14 days

In News, Portugal, Tourism - 30 Nov 2023, 08:05

Retirement age rises

In News, Portugal - 29 Nov 2023, 18:05