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Property rents continue to rise

Prices of houses for rent jumped in Aveiro (13.1%), Santarém (7.5%), and Porto (7.4%), according to data from idealista.
In News, Portugal, Property - 09 Dec 2022, 20:08

Which is the resilient segment of the real estate sector in Portugal?

In News, Portugal, Property - 09 Dec 2022, 17:04

"Leave Ronaldo alone, he doesn't deserve it"

In News, Portugal, Sport - 09 Dec 2022, 15:03

A weekend of rain and snow in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 09 Dec 2022, 14:04



Travel agencies demand works at Lisbon airport

The Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies has demanded that works be carried out at Lisbon airport to improve...
In News, Portugal, Tourism, Lisbon - 09 Dec 2022, 13:04

Retirement age remains at 66 years and 4 months

Today, in Diário da República, the diploma established that the normal age for access to...
In News, Portugal - 09 Dec 2022, 12:05

100 more incidents due to heavy rain

In News, Portugal - 09 Dec 2022, 11:06

Top award for Lisbon building

In News - 09 Dec 2022, 08:05

Where in Portugal do people speak the best English?

In News, Portugal, World - 08 Dec 2022, 20:03

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Conversation with poet Millicent Borges Accardi

It was a pleasure speaking with Portuguese-American writer Millicent Borges Accardi all about Portugal’s influence on her poetry...
In Portugal, Lifestyle - 08 Dec 2022, 20:01

Portugal hoping to make history

The Portuguese national football team is looking to make history as they push forward in...
In News, Portugal, Sport

What is the meaning of Mariah Carey?

Most people have an opinion about Mariah Carey, however, her autobiography sheds new...
In Music, Lifestyle

The guiding lights of the Portuguese high seas

In Portugal


Minister denies far-right infiltration of police

The Minister of Internal Administration has denied that there is “an intentional infiltration” of far-right elements in...
In News, Portugal, Politics - 07 Dec 2022, 12:05

Parliament rejects free textbooks for private students

The Assembly of the Republic has rejected three bills, from the PSD, Chega and Iniciativa...
In News, Portugal, Education, Politics - 03 Dec 2022, 11:07

Covid victims mainly fully vaccinated

Euthanasia “is a dangerous leap into the unknown”

In News, Portugal, Politics - 29 Nov 2022, 13:05

Portugal growing more than Germany, France and Spain

In News, Portugal, Politics - 26 Nov 2022, 10:25

Editor's Choice

Portugal up against Turkey for F1 race

In News, Portugal, Sport - 03 Dec 2022, 15:03


Woman accused of fraud through “spiritual services”

A 27 year old woman has been accused by police of fraud and extortion after charging people online for “spiritual services”.
In News, Portugal, Crime - 07 Dec 2022, 15:06

More than 100 officers suspended since 2019

The Minister of Internal Administration has revealed that 107 members of the PSP and GNR...
In News, Portugal, Crime - 07 Dec 2022, 14:03

280 kilos of hashish found on the beach

In News, Portugal, Crime - 06 Dec 2022, 17:05

Man arrested at Lisbon airport for “offensive” behaviour

In News, Portugal, Crime, Lisbon - 03 Dec 2022, 13:03

Portuguese presenter arrested for fraud

In News, Portugal, Crime - 01 Dec 2022, 18:10

Opinion PiecesLetters

Vinland: A Question of Timing

“If the 20th century AD were dated at the same resolution as the 20th century BC, the two World Wars would...
In Opinion - 25 Nov 2022, 13:01

Every day is Black Friday

You may have noticed that your emails and messages are full of so called ’Black...
In Opinion - 25 Nov 2022, 11:01

COP 27: Glass Half Full

In Opinion - 21 Nov 2022, 18:01

Are you travelling to Lisbon to SEF? What you need to know

In Opinion - 18 Nov 2022, 20:04

Whinging Brits, is it really true?

In Opinion - 12 Nov 2022, 13:03

What’s wrong with customer service in Portugal?

In Opinion - 04 Nov 2022, 20:02

Climate, Cairo and the Amazon

In Opinion - 04 Nov 2022, 12:01

Musk: The Benign Sociopath

In Opinion - 02 Nov 2022, 19:01

BBC - 100 years of news, views and entertainment!

In Opinion - 31 Oct 2022, 20:01


Portugal-born Nobel Prize winner who ignored punctuation

Portugal has had great writers who have taken the country name and placed it on the map. José Saramago is certainly one of them...
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education - 02 Dec 2022, 13:01

The Pros & Cons of Community Colleges

Choosing what college to attend is a hard task. You are now probably in your last...
In Education - 30 Nov 2022, 11:01

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Sustainability Renature

Renewables predicted to double in five years

The energy crisis will almost double the installation of renewable energy capacity worldwide over the next five years, according...
In News, Portugal, World, Environment, Sustainability - 08 Dec 2022, 08:02

Barlavento with below-average water

At the end of November, the Barlavento Algarvio basin had the lowest amount of water...
In News, Portugal, Algarve, Environment - 06 Dec 2022, 12:03

The ili pika - Another animal on an endangered list

In Environment, Lifestyle - 27 Nov 2022, 13:01

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House price slow down expected

European citizens are anticipating a slowdown in rising house prices in the coming months...
In News, Portugal, Property - 08 Dec 2022, 17:03

Waste workers on strike

Workers at Tratolixo, the company responsible for treating waste in the municipalities of...
In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2022, 16:04

Supermarket workers receiving cost of living bonus

Modelo Continente (MC) will this month pay extraordinary support of up to 500 euros to...
In News, Business, Portugal, Company News - 08 Dec 2022, 15:06

43,000 unscheduled appointments per day at health centres

Primary health centres carried out an average of 43,000 unscheduled consultations per...
In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2022, 14:03

Portuguese fan detained for inappropriate behaviour

A Portuguese citizen was arrested in Qatar, on Tuesday, during the Portugal-Switzerland...
In News - 08 Dec 2022, 13:28


200 health centres with extended opening hours

Almost 200 health centres are operating with extended hours for the bank holiday,...
In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2022, 13:03

Woman dies due to flooding

In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2022, 11:29

63% of rain for December falls in 24 hours

In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2022, 11:05