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Algarve bar crowned the "Best Cocktail Bar"

The Argo Cocktail Bar, an emblematic space in the Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, was distinguished as the "Best Cocktail Bar" in the... In News, Food & Drink, Algarve - 10 Dec 2023, 19:01

The electric vehicle market grows

In News - 10 Dec 2023, 18:01

Casa da Moeda launches 10 euro coin designed by Portuguese artist

In News, Portugal, Lifestyle - 10 Dec 2023, 17:01

New residential development attracts young Portuguese

In Property, News, Lisbon - 10 Dec 2023, 15:01

Porto Metro has surpassed "annual demand record"

In News, Portugal, Economy - 10 Dec 2023, 14:01

1 cent coin worth 50 thousand euros

In News - 10 Dec 2023, 13:01



“Shepherds for a day” in Vila Nova de Poiares

According to Sapo, the “Um dia com o Pastor” project will allow anyone interested to experience managing a herd of goats in... In News - 10 Dec 2023, 12:01

Azores certified as a 'Sustainable Tourist Destination'

The Azores is the first archipelago region in the world certified as a Sustainable Tourist... In News, Madeira & Azores, Tourism, Environment - 10 Dec 2023, 11:02

60% of bank customers consider the commissions high

In News, Finance - 09 Dec 2023, 14:01

October air transport reaches 98.2% of 2019 levels

In News, Tourism, Portugal - 08 Dec 2023, 20:01

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Plants to grow in Northern Portugal

Where the heat is less intense… In Home & Garden, Lifestyle - 10 Dec 2023, 19:01

The Dawn of the Space Age: A Retired USAF Pilot's View on SpaceX's Starship Launch

As a retired USAF pilot now residing in Portugal, my fascination with the skies has taken... In Curiosity , Lifestyle

The versatility of chestnuts

It’s that time of the year when chestnuts may be bought almost everywhere. But did you... In Food & Drink, Portugal

Have you ever had a team building experience?

In Opinion


Do the Portuguese care about the European elections?

With just under a year to go before the European elections, 47% of respondents are not at all interested in the vote scheduled for... In News, Portugal, Politics, Europe - 08 Dec 2023, 10:02

America and Portugal united when it comes to Atlantic security in the Azores

Portugal and the United States discussed transatlantic security in the Azores, as well as... In News, North America, Madeira & Azores, Politics - 06 Dec 2023, 19:01

PSD leader commits to “minimum income of 820 euros” for retirees

In News, Portugal, Politics - 29 Nov 2023, 14:05

"Lisbon should be Russian", says Kremlin propagandist

In News, Portugal, Politics - 28 Nov 2023, 09:37

Portugal has "good reasons" to trust in the future

In News, Portugal, Politics - 27 Nov 2023, 12:02

Editor's Choice

Portugal 7th safest country in the world

In News, Portugal - 27 Nov 2023, 19:05

Changes to tax regime for non-habitual residents approved

In News, Portugal, Business - 27 Nov 2023, 17:23

7 Places to Retire in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 25 Nov 2023, 20:02


Police clamping down on cell phone use when driving

The authorities recorded 10,900 infractions, of which 427 related to the improper use of a cell phone while driving, in a road... In News, Portugal, Crime - 07 Dec 2023, 12:02

Christian Brueckner to be tried in Germany next year

German suspect in the death of Madeleine McCann, Christian Brueckner will be tried in... In News, Crime, Europe - 30 Nov 2023, 14:33

Road inspections and infractions rise

In News, Portugal, Crime - 24 Nov 2023, 14:02


Just War and the Gaza Strip

“If you (Americans) were OK with us killing 5,000 children, you are OK with killing 10,000 children,” said Daniel Levy, a... In Opinion - 05 Dec 2023, 12:01

COP28 and Climate Science

At the opening of the COP28 global climate summit, here are some thoughts about the state... In Opinion - 01 Dec 2023, 14:01

Is environmentalism becoming a sort of new religion?

In Opinion, Environment - 24 Nov 2023, 19:01


Eucalyptus trees - friend or foe to Portugal?

In Opinion - 24 Nov 2023, 09:05

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

In Opinion - 23 Nov 2023, 13:01

AI - a hazardous myth

In Opinion - 21 Nov 2023, 17:31

The Real Space Race

In Opinion - 20 Nov 2023, 13:01


Portugal investigating the correlation between stem cells and stroke

Research conducted by the University of Coimbra (UC), the University of Beira Interior (UBI) and Stemlab will receive 150,000... In Health, Education - 10 Dec 2023, 08:01

Childcare numbers increase

Portugal is one of the countries in the European Union (EU) with the highest rate of... In Education - 04 Dec 2023, 17:01

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Trilobites Discovery

Ten newly discovered species of trilobites, hidden for 490 million years on the island of Ko Tarutao in Thailand, could be the... In Asia, World, Environment - 09 Dec 2023, 19:31


According to modelling by Australian scientists, plants could absorb more of our CO2... In World, Environment - 09 Dec 2023, 15:31


Vaccination campaign continues

Around 16,300 people have already been vaccinated against the flu and 5,900 against Covid-19 in the Autonomous Region of Madeira,... In News, Portugal, COVID-19, Madeira & Azores - 24 Oct 2023, 16:17

More than 370 thousand Portuguese vaccinated

More than 370 thousand Portuguese people, aged 60 or over, were already vaccinated this... In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 21 Oct 2023, 15:02

“Future proof” Covid-19 vaccines

In News, COVID-19 - 26 Sep 2023, 11:02

Other News Articles

Portuguese DJ with two victories at the World DJ Championship

Portuguese DJ Ride won the Technical and Party Rocking categories of the World DJ... In News, Music - 08 Dec 2023, 19:01

Millennium Estoril Open

Casper Ruud, defending champion of the Millennium Estoril Open, is the first star to be... In News, Portugal, Sport - 08 Dec 2023, 17:02

Village for surfers is born between Ericeira and Nazaré

A new tourist village will have 144 beds and a swimming pool with artificial waves in the... In News, Portugal, Property - 08 Dec 2023, 16:03

New Lusíadas hospital in Paços de Ferreira

According to Sapo, the new Lusíadas Saúde Hospital in Paços de Ferreira will create... In News, Porto & North, Health - 08 Dec 2023, 15:01

Retirement age rises in 2025

According to ECO, the retirement age will rise to 66 years and seven months in 2025. The... In News, Economy - 08 Dec 2023, 14:01

Fuel prices to drop

December is proving to be a 'friendly' month for the Portuguese wallet: this is because... In News, Portugal, Economy - 08 Dec 2023, 13:33

Should Humberto Delagado Airport be closed?

In News, Lisbon - 08 Dec 2023, 13:01

Public transport becoming more popular

In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2023, 12:01

Housing prices: An obstacle for the homeless

In News, Portugal - 08 Dec 2023, 11:01

Calls for an end to heavy vehicle traffic at Batalha Monastery

In News, Central - 08 Dec 2023, 09:01