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Weather warning continues

Six mainland districts will be under a yellow weather warning today due to the forecast of sometimes heavy showers which may...
In News, Portugal - 05 Jun 2023, 08:06

High temperatures and heavy rain for Portugal

In News, Portugal - 04 Jun 2023, 19:05

Building permits fall in Europe – but are on the rise in Portugal

In News, Portugal, Property - 04 Jun 2023, 18:05

Cristiano Ronaldo still holds world cup dreams

In News, Portugal, Sport - 04 Jun 2023, 17:05

President calls for airport decision by end of year

In News, Portugal - 04 Jun 2023, 15:02

Average cost of rental property continues to rise

In News, Portugal, Property - 04 Jun 2023, 14:02



Rain weather warning

Seven districts of mainland Portugal are under a yellow warning due to the forecast of rain and thunderstorms.  
In News, Portugal - 04 Jun 2023, 13:02

More rights for couples in de facto union

Parliament has rectified some labour standards, including clarifying that in the event of...
In News, Portugal - 04 Jun 2023, 12:05

Algarve airfield welcomes firefighting planes

In News, Portugal, Algarve - 04 Jun 2023, 11:02

Midfielder Ana Rute among Portugal’s Women’s World Cup team

In News, Portugal, Sport - 04 Jun 2023, 09:05

Looking for a cheap city break? Portugal tops the list

In News, Portugal, Tourism - 03 Jun 2023, 20:02

The Portugal News logo Exclusives

Vivant Restaurant – Almancil’s newest experience

The Vivant Restaurant has opened on the outskirts of Almancil, a school-turned-restaurant with a bedroom suite modelled after the...
In News, Portugal, Business, Algarve, Food & Drink - 04 Jun 2023, 08:05

An American in Portugal - I get by with a little help from my friends

It’s tricky territory, where we take a giant leap from our old life – leaving friends...
In Portugal

RENFE launches 360 km/h ‘Bullet Train’ in Spain – (and beyond?)

The 25th of May marked a major leap forward for very high speed rail. 
In Opinion, Portugal



The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has thanked the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, for his "comprehensive...
In News, Portugal, Politics - 02 Jun 2023, 12:05

No ban on plastic bags – but you will have to pay

Customers using ultra-light plastic bags for bread, fruit and vegetables, will be charged...
In News, Portugal, Business, Environment, Politics - 31 May 2023, 12:05

President foresees “difficulties” in SEF replacement

In News, Portugal, Politics - 25 May 2023, 08:05

Editor's Choice

Honouring Portuguese cuisine – Portugal to receive its own Michelin Guide

In News, Portugal, Tourism, Algarve - 02 Jun 2023, 15:02

Portugal highlighted as a top global wine destination

In News, Portugal, Wine - 31 May 2023, 20:02


Speeding fine scam

If you have received an administrative offense notice by email, do not pay any amount, warns the National Road Safety Authority...
In News, Portugal, Crime - 31 May 2023, 15:02

More, and adaptable, police wanted for Algarve

The largest association of businesses in Albufeira will ask the Government to increase the...
In News, Portugal, Crime, Algarve - 30 May 2023, 14:02

Investigators return for third day of searches in Madeleine McCann case

In News, Portugal, Crime, Algarve - 25 May 2023, 09:45

New app to report illegally parked cars

In News, Portugal, Crime - 24 May 2023, 15:02

German authorities issue statement on Madeleine McCann case

In News, Portugal, Crime - 23 May 2023, 10:23


Yet Another Article on AI - Part 2

I’m looking at a headline this morning that screams ‘AI Creators Fear the Extinction of Humanity’, and I suppose they could...
In Opinion - 01 Jun 2023, 14:01

Quick! Treat yourself. Lap up some Portuguese sunshine!

Isn't it funny, as in funny-peculiar not funny ha-ha, but as one gets a bit older the...
In Opinion - 01 Jun 2023, 13:01

Yet Another Article on AI

In Opinion - 31 May 2023, 14:01

Euthanasia – A moral and legal minefield

In Opinion - 28 May 2023, 13:02

Russia: The Least Bad Option?

In Opinion - 25 May 2023, 13:01

Ukraine: Biden’s Timing

In Opinion - 22 May 2023, 13:01

The Baby Bonus Doesn’t Work Any More

In Opinion - 18 May 2023, 18:01

Syria: The Rehabilitation of Assad

In Opinion - 16 May 2023, 12:01


Can you Say Você in Portugal?

In Portuguese, saying “you” is not so simple! If you are speaking informally, you can generally use tu and its verb forms. If...
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education - 02 Jun 2023, 08:01

How to Raise Your Grades in College

As the pursuit of higher education grows increasingly competitive, students always seek...
In Education, Lifestyle - 29 May 2023, 14:01

Online school exams

In Education - 02 May 2023, 08:02

Nobel Algarve British International School students selected for National Youth Parliament Programme

In Community, Education, Algarve - 01 May 2023, 09:01

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Better Bee-lieve It

A new report by Eurostat identifies over 8 million beehives on EU farms in 2020, a million more compared to 2016. 
In Europe, World, Environment - 03 Jun 2023, 17:31

Harnessing the Clouds

Engineers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have discovered a way to generate...
In North America, World, Environment - 03 Jun 2023, 16:31


Court of Lisbon rules on Covid-19 flight cancellation compensation

More than 200,000 passengers may be eligible for compensation for having their flight cancelled or delayed between June 1, 2020 to...
In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism, COVID-19 - 08 May 2023, 15:07

Portugal edging ahead in vaccination

3.5 million vaccines thrown away in Portugal

According to the Ministry of Health, Portugal threw away “approximately 3.5 million...
In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 08 May 2023, 11:02

Masks no longer mandatory in health establishments

In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 08 Apr 2023, 13:02

Repeal of Covid-19 response laws generally approved

In News, COVID-19, Portugal - 25 Mar 2023, 17:29

Other News Articles

Ground broken on Lagos bike trail

The Ecovia do Litoral Algarvio is a bike route crossing the whole Algarve from Aljezur to...
In News, Portugal, Algarve - 03 Jun 2023, 15:02

Fado and flamenco festival

The sounds of Alentejo singing, Fado and flamenco, recognised as Intangible Cultural...
In News, Portugal, Events, Alentejo - 03 Jun 2023, 14:02

A hundred producers celebrate at Douro Wine City

The Douro Wine City event, from the 8th to 11th of June in Peso da Régua, will see 100...
In News, Portugal, Wine - 03 Jun 2023, 13:02

Air Force preparing “exclusion zones” during Pope's visit

The Portuguese Air Force has revealed that it will guarantee airspace security during...
In News, Portugal - 03 Jun 2023, 12:05

Pilot to discharge mothers and babies 24 hours after birth

A pilot project that plans to send mothers and babies home 24 hours after childbirth has...
In News, Portugal - 03 Jun 2023, 10:02

Rural Fires - A complex summer ahead

For us, at Safe Communities Portugal attending the 8th International Wildland Conference...
In News, Portugal - 03 Jun 2023, 09:02

Essential foods “at lowest price this year”

In News, Portugal, Economy - 02 Jun 2023, 18:04

Ronaldo in Portugal for pre-season training

In News, Portugal, Sport - 02 Jun 2023, 17:05

New rules for displaying insurance information on vehicles

In News, Portugal - 02 Jun 2023, 16:12