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Portugal needs “housing supply shock”

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Miguel Pinto Luz, has said that a "housing supply shock" is necessary in Portugal. In News, Portugal, Property - 20 Apr 2024, 20:05



Petrol price to rise, diesel to drop

Fuel prices are expected to register mixed behaviour next week. Forecasts point to a drop of 2.5 cents in the case of diesel and... In News, Business, Portugal - 20 Apr 2024, 15:02

Ecar Show returning to Lisbon

The Ecar Show returns this year to the Lisbon International Fair (FIL) to hold its 6th... In News, Portugal, Events, Lisbon - 20 Apr 2024, 14:05

Which foods have risen most in price in Portugal?

In News, Business, Portugal - 20 Apr 2024, 11:02

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Transform your space on a budget -using what you already have

Redecorating isn’t always an option that requires new furniture and or accessories. In Home & Garden, Lifestyle - 20 Apr 2024, 19:01

Joys of Portugal - Slumming it in Style

In the hierarchy of places to eat, a traditional casa de pasto is often down near the... In Portugal


Government approves new Code of Conduct

The Government has approved the Code of Conduct of the XXIV Constitutional executive, “an instrument of self-regulation” to... In News, Portugal, Politics - 19 Apr 2024, 14:36

New government measures – what you need to know

In News, Portugal, Politics - 10 Apr 2024, 20:02

Editor's Choice

Immigrants told of “lengthy waits” for resident cards

In News, Portugal, Property - 19 Apr 2024, 12:02


Fake olive oil worth €28,900 seized

The Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) seized 2,510 litres of cooking oil which was going to be sold as olive oil, in the... In News, Portugal, Business, Crime - 09 Apr 2024, 09:05

Man arrested for illegally renting out properties

A man has been arrested in Nazaré for renting out empty properties for holidays as if... In News, Portugal, Crime - 04 Apr 2024, 16:05

Costa thanks the women and men who make Portugal one of the “safest countries in the world”

In News, Portugal, Politics, Crime - 28 Mar 2024, 17:05


Indian Election

Extreme nationalism always looks foolish or even deranged to those who have not caught the virus, but in India it’s now official... In Opinion - 18 Apr 2024, 13:01

A Pantomime Crisis, Not a Real War

I’m not sure about that last line. Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s ‘Supreme Leader’, is... In Opinion - 15 Apr 2024, 13:01

There Really Are Rules

In Opinion - 11 Apr 2024, 13:01

Middle East: A Bigger War?

In Opinion - 09 Apr 2024, 13:01

Russia: The Really Dangerous Ones Are Sane

In Opinion - 04 Apr 2024, 13:31

Senegal: Last Country Standing

In Opinion - 03 Apr 2024, 13:01

Climate: The Anomaly

In Opinion - 27 Mar 2024, 13:01

An American in Portugal: The long and winding road - a journey to Portuguese citizenship

In Opinion, Portugal, North America - 25 Mar 2024, 18:05


Algarve cuts water usage by 18%

Water consumption in the Algarve fell by 17.9% in March, compared to the same month in 2023, an overall reduction greater than the... In News, Education, Algarve - 15 Apr 2024, 12:05

New books to read this week

This week’s bookcase includes reviews of The Household by Stacey Halls and The Last... In Education, Lifestyle - 14 Apr 2024, 10:04

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Glacier Measurements

Austrian glaciers will be gone in 45 years, the Austrian Alpine Club warned in its latest glacier measurement report that details... In Europe, World, Environment - 20 Apr 2024, 13:31

Climate Activists

A group of Swiss women won a landmark climate justice battle in the European Court of... In Europe, World, Environment - 20 Apr 2024, 12:31


Experts to draw recommendations for ‘long Covid’

Experts will meet at the first international conference on ‘long-Covid’ to begin in Lisbon, to outline a set of... In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 29 Mar 2024, 17:02

Government approves continue Covid-19 funds

The Council of Ministers has approved the carrying out of several expenses related to... In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 25 Mar 2024, 13:02

Other News Articles

American and British investors bullish on Portugal

Lisbon success story reaching worldwide

The success of the Lisbon editions of the Web Summit has served as an example for the... In News, Portugal, Business, Lisbon - 19 Apr 2024, 18:05

Low income families to benefit from tax relief

The Government's proposed law that amends the Personal Income Tax Code (IRS) will provide... In News, Portugal, Business - 19 Apr 2024, 17:05

Increase in social housing

Mafra raises funding for the Local Housing Strategy as a consequence of growing costs... In News, Portugal, Property - 19 Apr 2024, 16:05

Lidl opens "iconic store" in Portugal

Lidl Portugal has announced that it is opening an "iconic store" today at Estádio do... In News, Business, Portugal, Lisbon - 19 Apr 2024, 15:02

MotoGP brings €87 million to the Algarve

The Moto GP at the Autódromo do Algarve, in Portimão, which took place between March 22... In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism, Sport, Algarve - 19 Apr 2024, 14:09

Rain and thunderstorms for Portugal

Following high temperatures and clear skies, the week is ending with cloudy weather across... In News, Portugal - 19 Apr 2024, 13:16