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Growing Wildflowers

From a small Vermont countryside community comes the story of two Long Islanders who ditched mowing their massive lawn and planted... In North America, World, Environment - 20 Apr 2024, 18:31


North America

Algarve USA plans still on track

The possible postponement of the air route between New York and Faro by United Airlines “will not affect the promotional... In News, Portugal, Tourism, North America, Algarve - 08 Apr 2024, 19:05

USA to Algarve flights postponed

After announcing in October 2023 that it would become the only American airline to fly... In News, Portugal, Tourism, North America, Algarve - 08 Apr 2024, 11:30

US mother and daughter sell everything and move to Portugal

In Portugal, North America - 31 Mar 2024, 18:01

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Coral and Reefs

Important to watery ecosystems.  In Lifestyle - 21 Apr 2024, 19:31

The man who helped over 300 Ukrainian refugees

Marcos Castillo is back to speak with The Portugal News to discuss his life after becoming... In Community, Lifestyle, Europe

Marvelous Marvão

Portuguese Literature Nobel Prize winner José Saramago said, “You can see all of the... In Portugal

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An American in Portugal: The long and winding road - a journey to Portuguese citizenship

One recent Sunday morning my husband and I drove to a local school and parked on a... In Opinion, Portugal, North America - 25 Mar 2024, 18:05

Could this be the holiday home of the year?

Kirsty Masterman heads to Ontario’s Muskoka Lake for a homely stay surrounded by... In Travel, North America - 24 Mar 2024, 16:17

Carbon Price

Canada’s carbon price is set to increase in the month of April, despite several premiers... In North America, World, Economy - 23 Mar 2024, 18:31

Invasive Lanternflies

A New Jersey high school senior has won a place as a finalist in the nation's most... In North America, World, Environment - 23 Mar 2024, 17:31

Mental Wellbeing

The Dominican Republic has topped an annual mental wellbeing index, which saw many... In North America, World - 23 Mar 2024, 15:31

British minister wants to extradite Portuguese 'hacker' to USA

The United Kingdom's Minister of State for Security, Tom Tugendhat, wants to extradite... In News, Portugal, Crime, North America, United Kingdom - 22 Mar 2024, 16:10

Investment Considerations for Americans in the Algarve

In North America, Finance - 13 Mar 2024, 13:31

Understanding How to File US Taxes while Living in Australia

In North America, Finance - 13 Mar 2024, 11:31