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Latest in North America

Portugal sending firefighting support to Canada

Portugal, Spain and France will send 280 firefighters to help Canada fight the intense forest fires in the country, under the...
In News, Portugal, North America - 08 Jun 2023, 11:02


North America

Portugal exceeds renewable energy target

New York goes green

The state of New York has passed a new environmental law that obliges its state-run power company to produce solely from renewable...
In North America, World - 20 May 2023, 16:31

New York Bridge turning Portuguese

The Governor Mario M. Cuomo bridge, the longest in the state of New York, will be...
In News, Portugal, North America - 18 May 2023, 10:02

The Portugal News logo Exclusives

Food review: Sabores do Campo

Sabores do Campo in São Brás de Alportel, is a neat and affordable Portuguese restaurant. The name means " Taste of the...
In Restaurant Reviews, Food & Drink - 08 Jun 2023, 14:00

Food review: Caniço Restaurante Bar

Hidden behind a villa park with small and simple villas, Caniço beach restaurant Alvor is...
In Restaurant Reviews

Partnership The Portugal News and

The Portugal News and have decided to collaborate on restaurant...
In News, Business, Portugal

Other North America Articles

Will Faro get a flight from Newark USA?

Recently Newark has surpassed JFK as the USA’s number one airport for European...
In News, Portugal, Tourism, North America - 02 May 2023, 10:02

Americans in Portugal and the Portuguese Real Estate Market

What’s Changed, What’s Stayed the Same and Where Do We Go From Here?
In Portugal, North America - 01 May 2023, 11:01

Legalising hallucinogens

The US state of Oregon wants to put the practice of guiding people...
In North America, World - 29 Apr 2023, 16:31

Saving coral reefs

A project which was launched in Antigua and Barbuda aims to save the coral reefs of the...
In North America, World, Environment - 29 Apr 2023, 11:31

Portuguese entrepreneur creates viral company

Portuguese entrepreneur João Ferrão dos Santos created an online company with the help...
In News, Business, Portugal, North America - 28 Apr 2023, 17:01

The allure of Portugal for American expats continues to grow, despite changes to the golden visa

The cost of living and quality of life offered by Portugal is attracting an increasing...
In News, Lifestyle, Portugal, North America - 25 Apr 2023, 20:02