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Unemployment Rate

The Canadian economy lost 2,200 jobs in March while the unemployment rate rose to 6.1 percent from 5.8 percent in February,... In North America, World, Economy - 13 Apr 2024, 18:31


North America

Social Media

The US state of Florida has passed a law to protect children from social media amid mounting evidence of its negative impact of... In North America, World - 06 Apr 2024, 18:31

US mother and daughter sell everything and move to Portugal

In Portugal, North America - 31 Mar 2024, 18:01

An American in Portugal: The long and winding road - a journey to Portuguese citizenship

In Opinion, Portugal, North America - 25 Mar 2024, 18:05

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Aye Aye

That’s your lot! In Lifestyle - 13 Apr 2024, 19:01

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Reindustrialize Portugal

This is how the consulting firm McKinsey defines the ongoing energy transition and the... In Portugal, Business

Rent now or buy? Three factors you should evaluate!

Wondering if you should rent or buy? In Property

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Invasive Lanternflies

A New Jersey high school senior has won a place as a finalist in the nation's most... In North America, World, Environment - 23 Mar 2024, 17:31

Mental Wellbeing

The Dominican Republic has topped an annual mental wellbeing index, which saw many... In North America, World - 23 Mar 2024, 15:31

British minister wants to extradite Portuguese 'hacker' to USA

The United Kingdom's Minister of State for Security, Tom Tugendhat, wants to extradite... In News, Portugal, Crime, North America, United Kingdom - 22 Mar 2024, 16:10

Environmental Improvement

Few things delight residents of Toronto more than unexpected animals in unexpected places... In North America, World, Environment - 16 Mar 2024, 17:31

Medical Debt

Arizona has become the latest US state to announce the cancellation of medical debt for... In North America, World, Health - 16 Mar 2024, 16:31

Investment Considerations for Americans in the Algarve

Shane Clark is an American expat and founder of EuroAmerican Financial Advisors, an... In North America, Finance - 13 Mar 2024, 13:31

Understanding How to File US Taxes while Living in Australia

In North America, Finance - 13 Mar 2024, 11:31