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Over 4,000 athletes heading to Portimão

During the second half of May Portimão will be holding a series of sporting events, some of a national and international nature,... In News, Portugal, Sport - 21 May 2024, 11:30

Bathing season starting earlier

In News, Portugal - 21 May 2024, 08:02


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Ryanair expects lower ticket prices

The executive president of Ryanair has stated that ticket prices during the peak of summer will be lower than the low-cost airline... In News, Business, Portugal, Tourism - 20 May 2024, 18:05

Online platform for immigrant and refugee complaints

The Humans Before Borders collective, students from the Escola Superior de Educação do... In News, Portugal - 20 May 2024, 17:05

Temperatures to rise again to 30ºC

In News, Portugal - 20 May 2024, 14:26

Lisbon airport expansion “unacceptable risk”

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 20 May 2024, 14:06

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Tapanuli orangutan

Only confirmed as a separate species in 2017, they are already the world's most threatened great apes. In Lifestyle, Environment - 20 May 2024, 19:01

All Out of Steam

We found ourselves on the edge of bandit country again, in a place called Bagpipes. They... In Portugal

Are spiritual practices useless?

In Curiosity


A well-known secret

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve has a long list of secrets.  In Community, Other Events, Algarve - 20 May 2024, 18:01

New housing project for Vilamoura

The first stone has been laid for the project that will create a private condominium with... In News, Portugal, Property, Algarve - 20 May 2024, 09:05

Editor's Choice

What are the new road, rail and airport plans for Lisbon?

In News, Portugal, Lisbon - 16 May 2024, 12:05


Lidl opens new store

Lidl has announced that it has invested 14 million euros in a new store in the centre of Lisbon, in Saldanha. In News, Portugal, Business, Lisbon - 20 May 2024, 11:32

Fans invited to watch Euro2024

To mark the start of the European Football Championship in Germany, the German Embassy,... In News, Portugal, Sport, Lisbon - 20 May 2024, 08:05

Porto & North

Restaurant review: Vila Foz

An old mansion on the coast north of Porto houses the Michelin-starred restaurant Vila Foz, where playfully thought-out dishes are... In Restaurant Reviews, Food & Drink, Porto & North - 18 May 2024, 16:01

Guimarães: Between Past and Present, Bohemian Life Unveiled

In Guimarães, a city revered as the birthplace of the Portuguese nation, history and... In Portugal, Porto & North - 11 May 2024, 13:01

Magical Nights and Enchanted Days: Come Explore the Ribeira District in Porto

In Portugal, Porto & North - 04 May 2024, 13:01


Alentejo’s World Heritage Festival returns

The Alentejo festival, which mixes different music genres, is scheduled for the end of June. In News, Portugal, Events, Alentejo - 20 May 2024, 10:02

Theatre to reopen after 30 years

After being closed for decades, Évora's renovated Central Hall is scheduled to reopen at... In News, Portugal, Alentejo - 04 May 2024, 09:05

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Another new Mercadona opens in Portugal

Mercadona has opened its 50th store in mainland Portugal.  In News, Portugal, Business, Central - 16 May 2024, 13:02

Traditional Soup Festival returns

The Traditional Soup Festival returns on Sunday to Proença-a-Velha, in the municipality... In News, Portugal, Events, Food & Drink, Central - 10 May 2024, 12:02

Major tourism investment for central Portugal

In Tourism, News, Central - 04 May 2024, 15:02

Madeira & Azores

International visitors to the Azores booming

The Azores registered nearly 183,000 passengers disembarking at airports in April, 3.5%... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Madeira & Azores - 12 May 2024, 16:02

Other Portugal Articles

Lack of family doctors

One in four people enrolled in primary health care did not have a family doctor in Lisbon... In News, Portugal - 20 May 2024, 11:02

Meteorite over Portugal and Spain

The enormous flash that lit up the skies of Portugal and Spain on Saturday night was... In News, Portugal, Galactic - 20 May 2024, 10:12

Brussels forecasts property price rises

The European Commission predicts that prices in the European Union real estate market will... In News, Portugal, Property, Europe - 19 May 2024, 20:06

Portugal ranks in Europe’s top 10 hidden gems for food lovers

From secret rooftop spots to cosy beachside cafes, many crave unique flavours and... In News, Portugal, Tourism - 19 May 2024, 16:02

Where are speed camera this month in Portugal?

Every month the Public Security Police (PSP) indicates which roads (and at what time) they... In News, Portugal - 19 May 2024, 15:02

Portugal falling short of targets

Selective waste collection in Portugal remains below the targets set for 2025, with... In News, Portugal, Environment - 19 May 2024, 13:05

Intermarché to invest €240 million in Portugal

In News, Business, Portugal - 18 May 2024, 17:05