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Calls to attract Madeiran and Azorean immigrants back

The director of the Regressar Program, José Albano, has stated that many Madeiran and Azorean emigrants are interested in... In News, Portugal - 23 Sep 2023, 19:05



President heading to France and Belgium

The Assembly of the Republic has authorized the President of the Republic to travel in October to Saint-Étienne, in France, to... In News, Portugal - 23 Sep 2023, 13:02

Petrol price up, diesel down

Fuel prices are changing again next week, if you have a diesel car it will be better to... In News, Business, Portugal - 23 Sep 2023, 12:05

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Atlantic Portugal hosts exhibition by Joshua Strydom

In News, Portugal, Lifestyle - 23 Sep 2023, 08:05

New petrol station brand coming to Portugal – promising cheaper prices

In News, Portugal, Business - 22 Sep 2023, 18:05

Controversial housing programme approved without changes

In News, Portugal, Property - 22 Sep 2023, 18:05

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

Mine may not be the same as yours! In Lifestyle - 18 Sep 2023, 13:01

Do you know your air passenger rights?

Air passengers enjoy a number of rights, particularly in terms of assistance and... In Consumer Rights, Portugal, Travel

Human Beings not Human Doings

We are all divine beings. We have the energy of Source within us. We were not meant to be... In Curiosity , Lifestyle


Vilamoura Marina voted Best International Marina 2023

The award was given at the Southampton International Boat Show. In News, Portugal, Tourism, Algarve - 22 Sep 2023, 09:05

When you lose your best friend

Early one morning in mid-August me and my dog Toby set off on one of our adventures into... In Community, Lifestyle, Algarve - 21 Sep 2023, 19:01

Editor's Choice

Canada “open” to resolving Portuguese illegal immigrant situation

In News, Portugal, North America - 18 Sep 2023, 17:05


European Car Free Day

Dozens of cities in Portugal mark European Car Free Day (DESC) today with streets closed to traffic, a day used by the... In News, Lisbon - 22 Sep 2023, 10:07

Lisbon in the race for European Capital of Innovation

The city of Lisbon is among the six semi-finalists in the race for the title of European... In News, Portugal, Business, Lisbon - 10 Sep 2023, 15:05

Stephen Spicer appointed as Headmaster of the British School of Lisbon

In Community, Education, Lisbon - 03 Sep 2023, 12:01

Porto & North

Porto Half Marathon returns with athletes from 78 countries

The 16th edition of the Porto Half Marathon, scheduled for Sunday in its return to Vila Nova de Gaia, sharing the course with... In News, Portugal, Sport, Porto & North - 16 Sep 2023, 16:05

Ikea store evacuated

Ikea in the Marshopping shopping centre in Matosinhos, district of Porto, was evacuated on... In News, Portugal, Porto & North - 14 Sep 2023, 07:05


7 injured in wasp attack

Seven people have incurred minor injuries and another 26 were treated after a wasp attack on a group of students, which occurred... In News, Portugal, Alentejo - 19 Sep 2023, 10:41

Art on the streets of Évora

Two hundred and eighty artists and guests from 11 regions of the world will be present at... In News, Portugal, Alentejo - 28 Aug 2023, 18:05

Almodôvar fire update

In Alentejo, News - 27 Jul 2023, 14:01

Odemira fights illegal temporary accommodation

In Tourism, Alentejo - 25 Jul 2023, 14:03

Irish Painter, Fiona Power is making Waves in Portugal this Summer.

In News, Alentejo, Events - 24 Jul 2023, 19:01

Elvas celebrates UNESCO classification

In News, Alentejo - 29 Jun 2023, 19:04

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Coimbra maintains taxes for 2024

The Coimbra City Council have approved the maintenance of taxes for 2024, with the Municipal Property Tax (IMI) at the minimum... In News, Central - 18 Sep 2023, 15:03

Global sustainability conference announces move to ‘Venice of Portugal’

Planetiers World Gathering to put Portuguese city Aveiro on the map as it welcomes... In News, Portugal, Environment, Central - 17 Sep 2023, 11:05

Coimbra beer festival featuring over 30 brewers

In News, Portugal, Central - 02 Sep 2023, 14:02

Madeira & Azores

Missing tourist in the Azores

A Belgian tourist has been missing since September 9th on the island of São Jorge, in the Azores. In News, Portugal, Madeira & Azores - 22 Sep 2023, 14:05

Seismic activity in Azores still “above normal”

The Azores Seismovolcanic Information and Surveillance Center (CIVISA) has stated that the... In News, Portugal, Madeira & Azores - 21 Sep 2023, 16:05

The old campsite in the Fontinha area of Porto Santo has been transformed into a public park

In News, Portugal, Madeira & Azores - 08 Sep 2023, 14:05

Other Portugal Articles

What are the Covid-19 rules in Portugal?

The president of the National Association of Public Health Doctors, Gustavo Tato Borges,... In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 22 Sep 2023, 16:05

Brussels letter was not to “evade responsibility”

The Government has rejected that the letter sent to the European Commission on the... In News, Portugal, Property, Europe - 22 Sep 2023, 15:05

Owners reject new freeze on rent increases

The three homeowner associations, heard by the Minister of Housing, have rejected a new... In News, Portugal, Property - 22 Sep 2023, 13:01

No objections from the President on TAP privatisation

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has declared that he has, in... In News, Portugal, Business - 22 Sep 2023, 12:02

Remittances from emigrants falls

Remittances from emigrants fell 1.6% in July compared to the same period in 2022, to 375... In News, Portugal, Business - 22 Sep 2023, 11:01

Air VW Algarve event returns!

The Algarve Nucleus of the VW Air Club of Portugal has organised its next meet up for the... In News, Portugal, Events - 22 Sep 2023, 08:05

74,000 applications for nationality as Sephardic Jew descendants

In News, Portugal - 21 Sep 2023, 17:05