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Cape Verde rejects UK migrant negotiations

The Cape Verdean Government has rejected any possibility of negotiating with the United Kingdom regarding the reception of illegal... In News, Africa, United Kingdom - 17 Apr 2024, 13:02

Germans and Portuguese celebrate “Freedom Festival”

In News, Portugal, Europe - 14 Apr 2024, 16:02



Goat Island

The mayor of a remote Italian island overrun by goats has offered to give the animals away to anyone willing to take one in.  In Europe, World, Environment - 13 Apr 2024, 11:31

Medieval Castle

The stunningly well-preserved remains of a castle have been dug up in the French city of... In Europe, World - 13 Apr 2024, 10:31

Spain to end ‘golden visas’ for foreign property buyers

In News, Property, Europe - 09 Apr 2024, 16:05

Champions League: Can Manchester City win again?

In News, Sport, Europe - 09 Apr 2024, 10:32

Dinosaur Species

In Europe, World - 06 Apr 2024, 19:31

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Immigrants to protest at AIMA’s headquarters

Immigrants will protest on 18 April at 10 am at AIMA’s headquarters office (old SEF) in Lisbon, regarding the delay in getting... In News, Portugal - 18 Apr 2024, 10:02

Cruising the Douro…

‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ In Portugal

An American in Portugal - Readers React to “Just Back from the U.S.!”

Uh-Oh! Reviews are in and the U.S. gets the short straw In News, Portugal, North America, Opinion

United Kingdom

Supporting Biodiversity

Mapping wizards at the Ordnance Survey (OS) are giving environmental projects a steer with new biodiversity data, which will help... In United Kingdom, World, Environment - 13 Apr 2024, 08:31

Portuguese and UK railway industry bodies agree partnership

Two leading Portuguese and UK railway trade bodies have signed a Memorandum of... In News, Portugal, Business, United Kingdom - 12 Apr 2024, 16:05

United take on Liverpool, Brighton host Arsenal

In Sport, United Kingdom - 06 Apr 2024, 09:48

Midweek games start as the relegation-fighting sides look to take points

In News, Sport, United Kingdom - 02 Apr 2024, 16:53

Editor's Choice

Minimum wage to rise to €1,000

In News, Portugal - 11 Apr 2024, 20:02

North America

Canada honours exceptional Portuguese artist

João Artur da Silva, a multi-skilled artist born in Portugal with Portuguese, British, and Canadian citizenship, will be honoured... In News, Portugal, North America - 10 Apr 2024, 13:02

Algarve USA plans still on track

The possible postponement of the air route between New York and Faro by United Airlines... In News, Portugal, Tourism, North America, Algarve - 08 Apr 2024, 19:05

US mother and daughter sell everything and move to Portugal

In Portugal, North America - 31 Mar 2024, 18:01

South America

Toromiro Tree

The tree that goes by Toromiro has been a fragile expat for more than half a century. Little Sophora Toromiro, is far from home,... In South America, World, Environment - 13 Apr 2024, 13:31

Deforestation Plummets

Deforestation in Brazil and Colombia has plummeted following changes in political... In South America, World, Environment - 13 Apr 2024, 12:31


Monkey Business

The mischievous long-tailed macaques are, for many, a symbol of the Thai city of Lopburi.  In Asia, World, Environment - 13 Apr 2024, 16:31

Artificial Sun

Korea's "artificial sun", KSTAR, recorded a plasma operation with a temperature of 100... In Asia, World - 13 Apr 2024, 15:31

Archaeological Discovery

In Asia, World - 13 Apr 2024, 14:31

Imperial Family

In Asia, World - 06 Apr 2024, 16:31

Railway Pitch

In Asia, World - 06 Apr 2024, 14:31

China visa exemption for Portugal

In News, Portugal, Asia - 31 Mar 2024, 17:05

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Cabo Verde airport improvements

Works to improve Cabo Verde’s airports and aerodromes, in line with the concession contract and VINCI Airport standards, will... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Business, Africa - 31 Mar 2024, 11:05

Debt Relief

Somalia has had 99 percent of its debt cancelled, a breakthrough for the country as it... In Africa, World, Economy - 30 Mar 2024, 16:31


Eid Mubarak

A new moon was sighted yesterday, Tuesday, evening after Maghrib prayers in Saudi Arabia, meaning that Eid celebrations and the... In World - 10 Apr 2024, 08:31

Detection Tool

Doctors at Lund University in Sweden revealed that a simple blood test with artificial... In Europe, World, Health - 06 Apr 2024, 13:31

Ancient Shipwrecks

In Europe, World - 30 Mar 2024, 14:31

Other World Articles

House prices falling Europe – but not in Portugal

Portugal recorded the 5th biggest increase in house prices in the EU between the last... In News, Portugal, Property, Europe - 05 Apr 2024, 19:05

Moving ahead with European university qualification

The European Commission has presented three initiatives, to improve cooperation between... In News, Portugal, Education, Europe - 04 Apr 2024, 08:05

Homes for sale for €1

Italy’s one-euro-home sales have been attracting a lot of interest over the past few... In News, Property, Europe - 03 Apr 2024, 11:02

Euromillions 3rd prize coming to Portugal

No player managed to guess all the numbers and stars correctly in the 2 April Euromillions... In News, Portugal, Europe - 03 Apr 2024, 10:19

Aspiring entrepreneurs benefit for funding from EU scheme and free access to expert mentoring

Coinciding with the EU-funded programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs celebrating its... In News, Portugal, Business, Europe - 02 Apr 2024, 17:12

New Ryanair Algarve route

This Monday, April 1, Ryanair began flights between Faro and Krakow, in Poland, one of the... In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism, Europe - 01 Apr 2024, 18:05