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Algarve Street Cat Charity Up for International Animal Welfare Award

Paka Dora Association (PDA), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of street cats in the Algarve Portugal, is... In Community, Algarve, Good News - 14 Apr 2024, 18:01

€47,000 left in a backpack returned to owner in Cascais

In News, Portugal, Good News - 12 Jan 2024, 17:02

Matosinhos artist wins International Illustration Contest

In Portugal, Good News - 19 Dec 2023, 19:01


Good News

Portugal to Qatar – a football-fuelled van trip

Carlos Brum’s first attendance to the World Cup was the 1986 tournament in Mexico City. Here, he “fell in love with the... In News, Portugal, Sport, Good News, Curiosity - 20 Aug 2023, 08:05

The Golf Club in Espiche raises 700€ for soup kitchen

Under the leadership of Andy Goodwin, The Golf Club in Espiche has so far raised 700€... In Good News, Lifestyle, Algarve - 27 Jul 2023, 20:01

A Catalyst for Change: Support Miles for Smiles

In Good News - 23 Jul 2023, 08:01

The Food Co. donating 600 meals a week to local food bank

In Community, Good News - 21 Jul 2023, 13:01

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Coral and Reefs

Important to watery ecosystems.  In Lifestyle - 21 Apr 2024, 19:31

The man who helped over 300 Ukrainian refugees

Marcos Castillo is back to speak with The Portugal News to discuss his life after becoming... In Community, Lifestyle, Europe

Marvelous Marvão

Portuguese Literature Nobel Prize winner José Saramago said, “You can see all of the... In Portugal

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Seized octopus donated to Food Bank

The Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) seized more than eight tonnes of octopus... In News, Portugal, Crime, Good News, Algarve - 09 Mar 2023, 14:35

Coimbra is home to some of the cheapest house prices in Portugal.

Bringing together students and pensioners

A new project has been launched in Coimbra in which university students can receive free... In News, Property, Good News, Central - 28 Feb 2023, 08:05

"Very special" flight with father and daughter

An Iberia pilot made his last flight before retiring alongside his daughter who, in turn,... In News, Europe, Company News, Community, Good News - 14 Feb 2023, 11:10

A dose of nature

A new study from Finland has revealed a correlation between exposure to nature and a... In Europe, Good News - 27 Jan 2023, 16:48

Irish man celebrates 106th birthday

In Ireland, Good News - 16 Jan 2023, 14:33

Former Ireland international footballer saves baby’s life

In Ireland, Good News - 14 Jan 2023, 09:16