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A dose of nature

A new study from Finland has revealed a correlation between exposure to nature and a reduced use of prescription drugs,...
In Europe, Good News - 27 Jan 2023, 16:48

“White card” used in Portugal

While we may be used to seeing a red or yellow card being shown during a football match,...
In News, Portugal, Sport, Good News - 23 Jan 2023, 18:11

Irish man celebrates 106th birthday

In Ireland, Good News - 16 Jan 2023, 14:33

Former Ireland international footballer saves baby’s life

In Ireland, Good News - 14 Jan 2023, 09:16

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Food review: Sabores do Campo

Sabores do Campo in São Brás de Alportel, is a neat and affordable Portuguese restaurant. The name means " Taste of the...
In Restaurant Reviews, Food & Drink - 08 Jun 2023, 14:00

Food review: Caniço Restaurante Bar

Hidden behind a villa park with small and simple villas, Caniço beach restaurant Alvor is...
In Restaurant Reviews

Partnership The Portugal News and

The Portugal News and have decided to collaborate on restaurant...
In News, Business, Portugal

Other Good News Articles

Keeping it clean

The cleanest area in Ireland has been announced with Naas retaining the coveted accolade,...
In Ireland, Good News - 11 Jan 2023, 16:34

Dublin Airport worker delights with dance moves

A security guard from Dublin Airport has goner viral on social media after his dance...
In Ireland, Good News - 10 Jan 2023, 16:27

Irish pub opens its doors to New York natives for Christmas

Mary O’Halloran, who hails from Foxford in Ireland, opened the doors of her Irish pub...
In Ireland, North America, Good News - 10 Jan 2023, 09:36

Frog travels 4,000 miles on bananas

A frog that travelled more than 4,000 miles on a bunch of bananas and a hedgehog...
In Good News, Lifestyle - 06 Jan 2023, 20:01

Food waste heroes

Volunteers have managed to save some 330,000 meals from heading to the rubbish bin in...
In Ireland, Good News, Community - 05 Jan 2023, 17:06

Harry the first new baby in Ireland

In Ireland, Good News - 02 Jan 2023, 15:09

New CEO for Ireland’s largest aid and humanitarian agency

In Ireland, Good News - 02 Jan 2023, 07:18

Skateboarding Association WallRide joins forces with urban artists to rehabilitate Faro Skatepark

In Good News, Algarve, Community - 24 Dec 2022, 14:01