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Latest in Wine

A hundred producers celebrate at Douro Wine City

The Douro Wine City event, from the 8th to 11th of June in Peso da Régua, will see 100 wine producers participating and aims to...
In News, Portugal, Wine - 03 Jun 2023, 13:02

Portugal highlighted as a top global wine destination

In News, Portugal, Wine - 31 May 2023, 20:02



Portuguese wine

Portugal drinks the most wine in the world

Portugal is the country in the world that consumes the most wine per capita in the world and consumption has been increasing,...
In News, Portugal, Wine, Food & Drink, Health - 12 May 2023, 15:02

Portuguese Wine Show returns to Albufeira

The Portuguese Wine Show is back, for an event organised by the Confraria do Bachus de...
In News, Portugal, Wine, Algarve, Events - 11 May 2023, 15:02

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Take a walk on the spiritual side…

The Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage attracts thousands of pilgrims from around the world who want to arrive in the Spanish city...
In Portugal, Lifestyle, Hidden Gems, Travel - 06 Jun 2023, 11:11

Vivant Restaurant – Almancil’s newest experience

The Vivant Restaurant has opened on the outskirts of Almancil, a school-turned-restaurant...
In News, Portugal, Business, Algarve, Food & Drink

An American in Portugal - I get by with a little help from my friends

In Portugal

RENFE launches 360 km/h ‘Bullet Train’ in Spain – (and beyond?)

In Opinion, Portugal

Other Wine Articles

Ericeira hosting a Wine and Jazz Festival

On 4 June, The Base Cowork Ericeira will host the first annual Ericeira Wine & Jazz...
In Community, Wine, Other Events - 22 May 2022, 17:05

Adega do Cantor

What is next for Cliff Richard’s Vineyard?
In Company News, Wine - 14 Apr 2022, 15:45

Portuguese wine

Madeira wine sales to generate revenues of 19.3 ME in 2021

The sale of Madeira fortified wine in 2021 generated 19.3 million Euros in revenue, the...
In Business, Wine, Madeira & Azores - 21 Jan 2022, 19:00

Learn how to taste wine

Referred to as the drink of the Gods, who can resist a glass of wine with a deliciously...
In Lifestyle, Wine, Food & Drink - 23 Dec 2021, 16:35

Planning an outdoor wedding? Here are 10 things to consider!

The Algarve’s warm climate combined with the gentle breeze from the sea makes it the...
In Wine - 17 Dec 2021, 16:10

Dream Wedding in a Dream Setting - Quinta dos Vales

The romantics out there know the feeling, when you are planning your wedding you can...
In Wine - 26 Nov 2021, 16:01

Harvest Memories

In Wine - 05 Nov 2021, 16:10

The future of wine tourism

In Wine - 29 Oct 2021, 16:16

Impar Wines plans to triple turnover

In Business, Wine - 27 Oct 2021, 09:00

Walking the Line in Vineyards

In Wine - 15 Oct 2021, 16:05

Better pay needed for grape producers

In Business, Wine - 07 Oct 2021, 10:00

What separates the Good from the Great?

In Wine - 01 Oct 2021, 16:11