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Nick Robinson (Algarve Addicts), Maria Inês Cerqueira (THOP – The House of Portugal), Nanindi Slabbert (THOP – The House of Portugal), Manuela Robinson (CCILSA – President)

Networking Event in Oporto and a Madeira Visit

In Business, Africa - 10 May 2024, 08:01

Statue Fragment

In Africa, World - 04 May 2024, 13:31


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Marcelo avoiding municipal interference

President defends payment of reparations for colonial-era crimes

The President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has recognised Portugal's responsibilities for crimes committed... In News, Portugal, Politics, Africa - 24 Apr 2024, 17:05

Cape Verde rejects UK migrant negotiations

The Cape Verdean Government has rejected any possibility of negotiating with the United... In News, Africa, United Kingdom - 17 Apr 2024, 13:02

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Ever been to the Maldives?

Don’t leave it too late! In Travel, Asia - 22 May 2024, 19:01

A night where Portuguese music is celebrated

The 6th Edition of PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards took place on May 16, 2024, at the... In Music

A brush with bureaucracy

And how it raised my blood pressure… In Opinion

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New Home

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Setting the Stage: CCILSA's 2024 Vision Unveiled Amidst Dynamic Business Breakfast

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Luso-South African (CCILSA) hosted a dynamic business... In Africa, Business - 01 Mar 2024, 08:01

Female Perspective

It’s one of the most gender unequal countries, so the launch of a current affairs show... In Africa, World - 17 Feb 2024, 10:31

Network Breakfast Special Presentation

Join us for a business breakfast in the Algarve focused on the questions about the new... In Business, Algarve, Other Events, Africa - 13 Feb 2024, 14:31

CCILSA's Extravaganza: Networking Success at Puro Beach Algarve

In Africa, Portugal - 02 Feb 2024, 15:01