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New campus at Nobel International School

Nobel International School Algarve is investing €23 million to build a new campus at Lagoa School, which will expand and improve... In Education, Algarve - 16 Feb 2024, 14:01

Top Benefits of Addressing the Essay-Writing Service to Ensure Quality and Success

In Education, Lifestyle - 15 Feb 2024, 13:31

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Portuguese Language

In Portugal, Education - 07 Feb 2024, 12:31

Engage Students Effectively: Innovative Strategies for the Educational Market

In Education - 30 Jan 2024, 10:09



The Creative Classroom: Exploring the Fusion of Art and Education

The realm of education is constantly evolving, and within this dynamic landscape, the infusion of art and creativity has arisen as... In Education - 30 Jan 2024, 09:12

Teachers absent 2 million days a year

Mandatory education teachers miss around two million days a year, according to a study... In News, Education - 29 Jan 2024, 14:03

Addressing Challenges in Portuguese Education. An In-Depth Analysis

In Education, Portugal - 15 Jan 2024, 12:31

Schools serving children double the recommended calories

In News, Portugal, Education - 13 Jan 2024, 14:05

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The 2024 Flying Spur - The last remaining Bentley saloon

Since the advent of the Turbo-R, I've always been fascinated by how a car that big can be made to perform so incredibly well... In Lifestyle - 22 Feb 2024, 18:01

Residents experiencing additional charges at health centres

According to the Association of Foreign Property Owners in Portugal’s (afpop) latest... In News, Portugal

Crafting for Charity

The hobby that keeps on giving.  In Lifestyle

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Teachers working 50 hours a week

Teachers work an average of more than 50 hours a week, 15 more than the legally defined... In News, Portugal, Education - 11 Jan 2024, 11:05

Transforming Education: A Visual Revolution with CapCut's Transparent Background Maker

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, visual aids play a pivotal role in capturing... In Education, Business - 09 Jan 2024, 12:31

New books to read this week

This week’s bookcase includes reviews of Her by Mira V Shah and Murder Town by Shelley... In Lifestyle, Education - 08 Jan 2024, 18:01

Where Do I Start?

Learning European Portuguese but not sure where to start? Here’s a quick beginner’s... In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education - 05 Jan 2024, 08:01

One million students return to school

Around a million primary and secondary school students resume classes today, with no... In News, Portugal, Education - 03 Jan 2024, 09:02

Increased Tertiary Education Attainment in Portugal: 7 Essential Tips for Tertiary Students

In the dynamic landscape of Portugal’s education sector, the surge in tertiary education... In Education - 02 Jan 2024, 11:07

Book from Taiwan is now in Portuguese by Azorean publisher Néveda Ent.

In Education - 26 Dec 2023, 16:31

Christmas-themed thrillers you need to read

In Lifestyle, Education - 21 Dec 2023, 18:01

Portugal investigating the correlation between stem cells and stroke

In Health, Education - 10 Dec 2023, 08:01