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Latest in Business

Lisbon office market recovers

Following “more moderate dynamics” in 2023, the beginning of the year showed that the Lisbon office market is resilient and... In News, Portugal, Business, Lisbon - 22 Apr 2024, 17:05

Banks charged 6.5 million euros per day in commissions

In News, Portugal, Business - 22 Apr 2024, 09:02



Income tax reduction criticised

The opposition has criticised the IRS reduction measures announced by the prime minister, converging on the idea that it will... In News, Portugal, Business, Politics - 21 Apr 2024, 16:05

Comic Con Portugal 2024 generated €89.6 million

With 22 hours of programming over four days, the tenth edition of Comic Con Portugal had... In News, Portugal, Business - 21 Apr 2024, 14:05

Which foods have risen most in price in Portugal?

In News, Business, Portugal - 20 Apr 2024, 11:02

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Coral and Reefs

Important to watery ecosystems.  In Lifestyle - 21 Apr 2024, 19:31

The man who helped over 300 Ukrainian refugees

Marcos Castillo is back to speak with The Portugal News to discuss his life after becoming... In Community, Lifestyle, Europe

Marvelous Marvão

Portuguese Literature Nobel Prize winner José Saramago said, “You can see all of the... In Portugal


Understanding your UK Tax

Pay Equality

The gender pay gap in the UK has shrunk to its lowest level in seven years.  In United Kingdom, World, Economy - 20 Apr 2024, 08:31

Unemployment Rate

The Canadian economy lost 2,200 jobs in March while the unemployment rate rose to 6.1... In North America, World, Economy - 13 Apr 2024, 18:31

Editor's Choice

Immigrants told of “lengthy waits” for resident cards

In News, Portugal, Property - 19 Apr 2024, 12:02

Company News

Solar pool covers

Aqua Pura Solar pool covers are easy to operate and offer an energy-efficient option to raise the temperature of your swimming... In Company News - 20 Mar 2024, 12:39

Azores airline's popularity reigns supreme

Azores Airlines was the company most used by tourists who landed in the Azores in 2023. In Business, Portugal, Company News, Tourism - 10 Mar 2024, 20:03


Roman Tereshchenko: KYC and AML – preventing fraud, money laundering and illegal financial transactions

In the finance sector, KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) are integral elements of security and compliance.... In Finance, Business - 19 Apr 2024, 15:31

Top Investment Options for Residents in the EU

Curious about what you can invest in while in the EU? Check out the full details of... In Finance, Business - 11 Apr 2024, 12:31

Wealthy Expats Blissfully Unaware of Impending Tax Hike

In Business, Finance - 04 Apr 2024, 08:01

Wealthy expats face tax impact due to lack of action

Portuguese elections and the major impact on NHR tax holders who fail to act now

In Business, Finance - 21 Mar 2024, 08:01


Fresh Portugal Webinar Offers Insights into Property Investment Opportunities

In Finance - 14 Mar 2024, 12:01

Investment Considerations for Americans in the Algarve

In North America, Finance - 13 Mar 2024, 13:31

Tax Season 2023: Portuguese Residents Prepare for Filing as Deadline Looms

In Finance - 13 Mar 2024, 12:01

Understanding How to File US Taxes while Living in Australia

In North America, Finance - 13 Mar 2024, 11:31

NHR tax status couple forced to pay €180,000 in tax

In Business, Finance - 07 Mar 2024, 08:01

Consumer Rights

150 hotels to open in Portugal

In 2021, Portugal already had more hotel rooms per km2 than Spain and France. Consultant Neoturis predicts that, of 186 ongoing... In Consumer Rights, Tourism - 04 Feb 2024, 17:01

EVA: Energy Virtual Assistance

In Europe, the energy sector was responsible for 77 percent of emissions of CO2 in 2019. In Consumer Rights - 08 Nov 2023, 18:01

Labor Laws and Worker Rights in Romania: Evolving Regulations and Challenges

In Europe, Consumer Rights - 15 Sep 2023, 12:31

Other Business Articles

Low income families to benefit from tax relief

The Government's proposed law that amends the Personal Income Tax Code (IRS) will provide... In News, Portugal, Business - 19 Apr 2024, 17:05

Lidl opens "iconic store" in Portugal

Lidl Portugal has announced that it is opening an "iconic store" today at Estádio do... In News, Business, Portugal, Lisbon - 19 Apr 2024, 15:02

MotoGP brings €87 million to the Algarve

The Moto GP at the Autódromo do Algarve, in Portimão, which took place between March 22... In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism, Sport, Algarve - 19 Apr 2024, 14:09

Mortgage interest rates fall

The implicit interest rate on housing credit contracts decreased in March for the second... In News, Portugal, Business, Property - 19 Apr 2024, 13:02

Windfall tax brings in €5 million

The contribution was paid for the first time in September last year, for the year 2022,... In News, Portugal, Business - 19 Apr 2024, 11:09

Remittances up to €330 million

Remittances from emigrants rose 0.52% in February compared to the same period in 2023, to... In News, Business, Portugal - 19 Apr 2024, 09:05

€200 to €300 less for tax payers

In News, Business - 17 Apr 2024, 13:35