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Ukraine leads the favourites for Eurovision

Twenty-five countries compete today in the final of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, in Turin, Italy, with Portugal being...
By TPN/Lusa, In Lifestyle, Europe, Music - 14 May 2022, 12:11

Keep it live!

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Music - 13 May 2022, 16:10

Foo Fighters cancel all concerts, including in Portugal

By TPN/Lusa, In Music - 30 Mar 2022, 10:48

Portugal left off Rolling Stones tour

By TPN/Lusa, In Portugal, Music - 14 Mar 2022, 17:04



Algarve’s ardent music duo Collar&Cuffs

Nigel and Sarah Hodgson are a versatile live keyboard and vocals music duo called Collar&Cuffs and are based in the Algarve.
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Music, Entertainment - 20 Feb 2022, 13:12

13 best summer music festivals in Portugal

Looking for a summer festival? Here are 13 reasons why Portugal should be your choice...
By Daisy Sampson, In Music - 16 Feb 2022, 13:20

2022 Concert Season!

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Music, Entertainment - 11 Feb 2022, 16:06

Bringing memories alive

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Community, Music - 03 Feb 2022, 11:00

Lionel Richie cancels Portugal concert

By TPN/Lusa, In Portugal, Events, Music - 01 Feb 2022, 11:34

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The Crypto clinic

Stephen Whitelaw answers your CryptoCurrency questions
By Stephen Whitelaw, In Crypto - 23 May 2022, 08:03

Has UK society really become glib, broken and divided?

I've often heard expats declare their belief that UK society has become ever more...
By Douglas Hughes, In Opinion Pieces

Finding your true self

Paula Martins
By Paula Martins, In Lifestyle, Health

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“Elas e o Jazz” take to the stage in Lagoa

The masterful trio “Elas e o Jazz” will be performing on Saturday, 29 January at 9...
By TPN, In Lifestyle, Events, Music, Algarve - 20 Jan 2022, 15:53

Harry Styles announces new Lisbon date

Multi-platinum artist Harry Styles has just announced new world tour dates with his...
By TPN, In Portugal, Entertainment, Events, Music - 19 Jan 2022, 19:16

James postpones Portugal concerts

British band James have cancelled their concerts in Portugal due to members of the band...
By TPN/Lusa, In Events, Music - 07 Dec 2021, 12:03

Soluna’s first single ‘Flaca’ coming out this Friday!

Lisbon-based singer Soluna makes a much-anticipated debut with her first single,...
By TPN, In Entertainment, Music - 24 Nov 2021, 17:10

“Rock is the soundtrack of freedom”

I had the pleasure of speaking with American-Italian lead singer, Umberto Sulpasso, from...
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Entertainment, Music - 23 Nov 2021, 14:15

The Munchies

Portuguese band The Munchies are ideal for the party hungry!
By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Music - 16 Nov 2021, 19:00

Justin Bieber coming to Lisbon

By TPN/Lusa, In Music, Lisbon - 15 Nov 2021, 16:22

Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan’s connection to Portugal!

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Music - 08 Nov 2021, 12:50

Megan Thee Stallion live in Portugal

By TPN/Lusa, In Music, Events - 07 Nov 2021, 17:00

Deep Purple “exploding with energy” in Lisbon

By Cristina da Costa Brookes, In Portugal, Music, Lisbon - 01 Nov 2021, 17:42

NOS ALIVE Festival 2022

By TPN/Lusa, In Music - 26 Oct 2021, 11:00