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Portugal asks China for visa exemption

The Minister of Economy has told Lusa that Portugal would like to be included in the group of countries benefiting from visa... In News, Portugal, Asia - 23 Apr 2024, 08:02

Artificial Sun

In Asia, World - 13 Apr 2024, 15:31

Archaeological Discovery

In Asia, World - 13 Apr 2024, 14:31



Organ Donations

In recent years, significant progress has been made in China’s body and organ donations, but there is still a large gap in... In Asia, World, Health - 06 Apr 2024, 17:31

Imperial Family

Meme-worthy content appears in short supply, at least initially, as the world’s oldest... In Asia, World - 06 Apr 2024, 16:31

Railway Pitch

In Asia, World - 06 Apr 2024, 14:31

China visa exemption for Portugal

In News, Portugal, Asia - 31 Mar 2024, 17:05

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Desalination, what are the facts?

One thing you can count on is that any project, large or small, will attract an organisation or individuals to protest. It’s a... In Opinion - 25 Apr 2024, 13:01

What’s is so special about 25 April for Portugal?

This is a date close to every Portuguese heart. In Portugal

Viva Vivant Food & Drink Restaurant: An Afternoon of Mexican Culture and Cuisine

Vivant Food & Drink Restaurant is known as a premier dining establishment that offers... In Restaurant Reviews, Food & Drink

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Coral Restoration

Scientists studying coral restoration in Indonesia discovered that artificially restored... In Asia, World, Environment - 23 Mar 2024, 13:31

Consumer Inflation

China’s consumer inflation turned positive for the first time in six weeks, largely... In Asia, World, Economy - 16 Mar 2024, 14:31

Multicultural Past

A team of 11 researchers uncovered the 1,200-year-old Buddhist stupa of Bukit Choras in... In Asia, World - 16 Mar 2024, 12:31

Tourist restrictions

In Japan, Kyoto has installed a new schedule of fines for “Geisha paparazzi” as a... In Asia, World, Tourism - 16 Mar 2024, 11:31

China excludes Portugal from visa free policy

Portugal has become one of the few countries in Western Europe whose nationals do not... In News, Portugal, Asia - 15 Mar 2024, 11:02

Housing Investment

Authorities in Seoul have announced plans to build more homes amid the rise in the number... In Asia, World - 09 Mar 2024, 12:31

Tai Chi

In Asia, World - 17 Feb 2024, 12:31