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Azores maritime passengers up 75%

By TPN/Lusa, In Madeira & Azores - 05 Sep, 16:38


Madeira & Azores

Portugal edging ahead in vaccination

Still no plans to vaccinate under 12’s

The president of the Government of Madeira has excluded the possibility of the region moving forward with the administration of...
By TPN/Lusa, In Portugal, COVID-19, Madeira & Azores - 01 Sep, 13:48

Madeira preparing for third jab

Madeira is already preparing for the administration of the third dose of the vaccine...
By TPN/Lusa, In Portugal, COVID-19, Madeira & Azores - 31 Aug, 11:52

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The Spirit of Wood

Watching clouds and time pass by
By Jake Cleaver, In Lifestyle, Algarve - 20 Sep, 19:00

Did you know you can make your home more energy-efficient and be paid for it?

Is your heating system working properly? Or maybe you're wondering whether to install...
By Paula Martins, In Consumer Rights - 20 Sep, 14:00

AGMC creates a perfect space for all golfers

Golf is sometimes seen as an elitist sport and AGMC is striving to revolutionise the...
By Paula Martins, In Sport - 20 Sep, 12:00

End of summer jobs for the garden

By Marilyn Sheridan, In Home & Garden - 19 Sep, 14:00

The changing face of the expat community

By Paul Luckman, In Opinion Pieces - 18 Sep, 20:00

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Jet2 winter schedule includes Algarve and Madeira

Jet2 winter schedule includes Algarve and Madeira

Following the announcement of its winter programme for 2022/23, Jet2 has put more...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Algarve, Madeira & Azores, Business - 20 Aug, 01:00

Madeira vaccinates 8,000 adolescents

Madeira has reached 66 percent of the population with complete vaccination, having...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, COVID-19, Madeira & Azores - 17 Aug, 17:37

Azores weather warning due to heavy rain

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) has today updated the two yellow...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Madeira & Azores - 13 Aug, 14:00

€60 flights for Azorean residents take off.

SATA's operation in the Azores will have 36 more flights “due to the high demand...
By TPN/Lusa, In Madeira & Azores, News - 11 Aug, 18:42

Funchal is the second most relaxing city holiday destination in Europe

Funchal among most relaxing City holiday destinations

By TPN/Lusa, In News, Madeira & Azores - 06 Aug, 01:00

PSP have dismantled the drug trafficking network in the Azores and arrested nine people

By TPN/Lusa, In Crime, Madeira & Azores - 05 Aug, 14:00