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LA welcomes new Portuguese restaurant

The new Portuguese restaurant Barra Santos, a project by Last Word Hospitality, has opened in Los Angeles with sold-out capacity,...
In News, Portugal, North America, Food & Drink - 25 Mar 2023, 16:02

Kim-Joy on her love of cats and the power of baking for your mental health

In Recipes, Lifestyle - 23 Mar 2023, 18:01

6 great cocktails to say ‘Sláinte’ this St Patrick’s Day

In Recipes, Food & Drink - 17 Mar 2023, 17:01


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Spreading the love through food

Skye McAlpine was studying classics at Oxford University when she started getting serious about cooking.
In Recipes, Food & Drink - 05 Mar 2023, 18:01

Portuguese pastry best in the world

The national cuisine of Portugal has once again been recognised with four pastries making...
In News, Portugal, Food & Drink - 26 Feb 2023, 20:12

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Behind the ‘Multifaceted Globes’ project

Last week, sculptural artist and owner of the wine and art estate, Quinta dos Vales, Karl Heinz Stock’s ‘Multifaceted...
In News, Portugal, Lifestyle, Algarve - 26 Mar 2023, 08:02

Meet Contemporary Repertory Dance Company Quorum Ballet

Quorum Ballet was founded in 2005 by artistic director, resident choreographer and dancer...
In Exhibitions, Lifestyle, Other Events, Lisbon

Óbidos: a box of surprises

With the charm of a village but the maturity of a major tourist destination, this is a...
In Hidden Gems, Tourism, Lisbon, Central


Giving Punjabi flavours a global spin

A few dishes make food writer Gurdeep Loyal feel nostalgic, but there’s one in particular that makes him go positively...
In Recipes, Lifestyle - 08 Mar 2023, 13:01

What’s the secret to a viral food video?

Lydia Vernon – one of the creators behind the wildly popular TikTok account Caught...
In Recipes, Lifestyle - 26 Feb 2023, 11:01

Gennaro Contaldo: If people learnt to cook they’d save so much money

In Recipes, Lifestyle - 19 Feb 2023, 11:01

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Buying Portuguese property in the metaverse

In News, Portugal, Crypto - 24 Mar 2023, 20:02


AWS finds winning combination

The December meeting of the Algarve Wine Society took a step into the tiny Arruda dos Vinhos subregion, just north of Lisbon -...
In Community, Wine, Events, Algarve - 18 Dec 2022, 11:01

Planning an outdoor wedding? Here are 10 things to consider!

In Wine - 17 Dec 2021, 16:10

Restaurant Reviews

Paper Moon a well kept secret…not anymore!

Paper Moon is a high-end Italian restaurant that originated in Milan’s fashion district and became a well-known hangout for...
In Restaurant Reviews, Business, Algarve - 23 Feb 2023, 12:18

Monumental Moments in Momentos Évora

We visited this absolute little gem of a restaurant on two consecutive nights in February...
In Restaurant Reviews, Alentejo - 18 Feb 2023, 18:01

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The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs in the Algarve, olive oil tasting and amicable lunch

On a cold Monday morning on 23 January 2023 members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and...
In Community, Food & Drink, Algarve - 05 Feb 2023, 16:01

120 exhibitors at cheese festival

The Beira Cheese and Flavours Fair returns this year to the Pavilhão Multiúsos de...
In News, Portugal, Food & Drink, Events, Central - 02 Feb 2023, 16:04

Chef tips for eating healthily beyond January

From cooking Chinese dishes to sneaking extra veg into your meals, this is how you can...
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Why chocolate feels so good

For chocolate fans the taste is a key part of why they love the treat, however,...
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Biggest cheese festival in Portugal

The Municipality of Oliveira do Hospital has announced that the Serra da Estrela Cheese...
In News, Portugal, Events, Food & Drink - 08 Jan 2023, 08:03