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Latest in South America

Seed Drop

51-year-old Brazilian stunt performer Luigi Cani last year dropped from the skies above the Amazon rainforest with a massive... In South America, World, Environment - 16 Sep 2023, 13:31


South America

Direct flights from Portugal to Cancun

Tour operator Egotravel has reinforced its commitment to Cancun and is promoting its schedule for that Caribbean destination with... In News, Portugal, Tourism, South America - 07 Aug 2023, 13:05


Portugal looking to Brazil for doctors

Portugal is now offering a gross salary of 2,800 euros to Brazilian doctors in a bid to... In News, Portugal, South America - 04 Aug 2023, 12:05

Portugal inspires Brazil’s web summit

In South America - 02 May 2023, 09:03

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Life’s Simple Pleasures

Mine may not be the same as yours! In Lifestyle - 18 Sep 2023, 13:01

Do you know your air passenger rights?

Air passengers enjoy a number of rights, particularly in terms of assistance and... In Consumer Rights, Portugal, Travel

Human Beings not Human Doings

We are all divine beings. We have the energy of Source within us. We were not meant to be... In Curiosity , Lifestyle

Other South America Articles

Portugal leads UN program that aids children in need

Portugal's Laura Melo arrived in Venezuela about a year ago and today represents the World... In News, Portugal, South America - 30 Apr 2023, 19:03

Portugal and Brazil sign 13 agreements

The governments of Portugal and Brazil have signed 13 agreements at the end of the... In Portugal, News, South America - 23 Apr 2023, 18:02

Marcelo highlights "excellent relations" between Portugal and Brazil

The President of the Republic has highlighted "the excellent relations" between Portugal... In News, Politics, South America - 21 Apr 2023, 14:02

Extra Lisbon to Punta Cana flights

World2Fly will open a second charter flight per week between Lisbon and Punta Cana, in the... In News, Business, Portugal, Tourism, South America - 02 Mar 2023, 15:02

Lula da Silva in Portugal for 25 April

Brazilian President Lula da Silva will speak at the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal... In News, Portugal, Politics, South America - 24 Feb 2023, 15:02

Chile thanks Portugal for helping to fight the fires

In South America - 13 Feb 2023, 11:33