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Isabel dos Santos disputes Interpol “red alert”

The daughter of former president José Eduardo dos Santos says she intends to contest Interpol's request because it was issued... In News, Portugal, Crime, Africa - 16 May 2024, 16:38

How many Portuguese drivers have been caught speeding?

In News, Portugal, Crime - 15 May 2024, 08:05


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New CCTV system

Castelo Branco City Council and the PSP District Command have signed a protocol for the installation of a video surveillance... In News, Portugal, Crime, Central - 08 May 2024, 08:05

AIMA workers will not be “scapegoats” for migrant attacks

The AIMA workers’ union has warned that they will not be made “scapegoats” for... In News, Portugal, Crime, Porto & North - 07 May 2024, 12:59

Man arrested for illegally renting out properties

In News, Portugal, Crime - 04 Apr 2024, 16:05

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Vinyl Record Revival

Vinyl lovers are in luck! In Music, Lifestyle - 19 May 2024, 19:01

All Out of Steam

We found ourselves on the edge of bandit country again, in a place called Bagpipes. They... In Portugal

Story Studio Sortelha - Merging history with modernity

In the heart of Portugal, in Guarda’s district, you can find one of the most exquisite... In Hidden Gems, Portugal, Travel, Central

Are spiritual practices useless?

In Curiosity

Other Crime Articles

2.5 tons of meat seized

The Food and Economic Security Authority (ASAE) detained four people, seized 2.5 tons of... In News, Portugal, Crime - 02 Apr 2024, 10:02

Calls for town centre CCTV

A surveillance system is expected to be implemented in Mourão following a rise in... In News, Portugal, Alentejo, Crime - 30 Mar 2024, 17:05

Tax refund fraud warning

The Tax Authority (AT) has warned of yet another example of these fraudulent messages... In News, Portugal, Crime - 30 Mar 2024, 12:45

Costa thanks the women and men who make Portugal one of the “safest countries in the world”

The outgoing Prime Minister has offered farewell greetings to the Armed Forces and the... In News, Portugal, Politics, Crime - 28 Mar 2024, 17:05

Motoring fine scam

If you have received an email stating that you need to pay a motoring fine, be careful... In News, Portugal, Crime - 27 Mar 2024, 17:05

Portuguese man detained in Indonesia

A Portuguese man has been detained in Jakarta with 2,500 grams (about 5.51 lb) of cocaine... In News, Portugal, Crime, Asia - 26 Mar 2024, 13:02

Porto has most traces of cocaine in wastewater

In News, Portugal, Crime - 20 Mar 2024, 15:02