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About The Ireland News

Celebrate Ireland and Its People

Ireland and the Irish people are known throughout the world as being kind, generous and good humoured people who enjoy life and have a positive outlook about their families, country and lives.

If you read and listen to mainstream Irish media today, you might not think this as the presentation of the news has become extremely negative over the years. This background can be understood given the extent of the many recent challenges the country has faced - environment risks, political divisiveness, Brexit, the pandemic, lockdowns and vaccine division, culture wars, global economic uncertainty, the health, housing and cost of living crisis and now a major war in Europe. This is changing and the world and Ireland are getting better.

The media is too focused on these issues and also on violent crime and tragedy. There is more of a focus on the negative and a “if it bleeds it leads” editorial style. The risk with this is it can create the impression that Ireland is unsafe and one of the worst countries in the world. We all know this is a false impression and we all know Ireland is one of the best places to live.

Important stories of Irish shared humanity, resiliency and compassion for other humans are not being presented or highlighted to us. There are so many good things happening in Ireland and yet these good news stories do not see the front page or the lead bulletin and are being ignored.

Our joy and the love we have for each other, our families, our culture, music and sport risks being overwhelmed by fear and victim based consciousness if we are to believe all in the media.

The Ireland News will unashamedly focus on all the good news in Ireland and the world. We make no apology for focusing on the positive news in our lives in order to empower, unify and inspire all our people in these difficult times.

The Ireland News