While the national Portuguese car market is falling in general, the exception to this is the sale of 100 percent electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

The sales of these two categories are still going strong in Portugal. In October, 2,051 electric cars and plug-in cars were purchased, a new monthly record, after the previous record was reached in September (1,952 units sold during that month), according to Publico Newspaper.

In October pure electrics and plug-ins represented 12.4 percent of the national market, in that month 16,565 vehicles were sold in Portugal. It is a slightly higher number than the 16,404 traded in September, and thus represents a small growth (0.98 percent more). However, October was yet another month of decline, 13 percent compared to the same month of the previous year.

In the light vehicle market, which represents 97.7 percent of the national market in 2020, brands like Jaguar and Mazda sold more pure electric cars than cars with a diesel or petrol engine combined. Other brands, including Land Rover and Kia, sold more plug-in or electric hybrids than diesel cars, respectively, according to Público.