I am a fan Mike Rowe´s shows Dirty Jobs and Returning the Favor. If you have watched those shows you will know he has a wonderful sense of humour. If you have not watched his shows I think you will still be in for a treat when reading this book. ‘The way I heard it ‘ is a collection of short stories for the “curious mind with a short attention span.”

Rowe tells stories about his life and about many others during the course of the book. Rowe builds on his popular podcast and “tells some true stories you probably don’t know; about some famous people you probably do. “Going into too much detail about the stories will ruin the surprise. All I will say is that they are delightful, amusing and interesting to read.

Whilst you read these stories you also learn about his personal life as he tries to link the best stories with his own personal stories. So, in a way he has written a little memoir as well. Crap,” he says, “I wrote half a memoir anyway. Didn’t mean to.”

We learn about his time at QVC, Dirty Jobs and the challenges of filming the Deadliest Catch.

I thought this book was great and easy to read not very challenging but still a page turner. With under 300 pages it is very easy to finish this book in one go. Rowe´s voice comes across loud and clear on the pages and at times you feel like you are participating in the stories not just reading them. I would recommend this book especially if you are a fan.