Up there incredibly still, shining bright in the sky, the Sun filters the celestial energies travelling at unbelievable speeds from behind it, projecting them with its full force towards us earthlings. We see it as light, heat, warmth but it is the transparency of its energy that is an unknown force to the masses and is simply felt as moods, phases, bad spells, or often as maladies and diseases.

As we move past 22 November those energies will abound from the sector of the Universe we call Sagittarius and again 28 days past, we are going to bathed in an entirly new astral feeling that will transform our daily lives beyond our understanding, unless of course you are keen to read this column.

Almost simultaneously, Venus will also have Scorpio on its back, ever so close to the bright lord of our world. Surely you felt Scorpio stirring things during the last zodiac passage, albeit softened by Venus in Libra throwing love around dissipating the anger. But this ‘sign’ around matters will be even more stirred this time, anger will have an aim that points it straight to its full belief in its might and its purpose. People will lose their sense of empathy moved by the pure energy that wants to get to the bottom of it all!

The burst in time, in humanity and in our lives we’ll be living is the perfect setting for what comes next when our two largest neighbourly planets, Jupiter and Saturn, make their passage to Aquarius.

For more on that, to learn about what the following months will bring, I’ll see you back here in this lovely publication, when I’ll tell how the planets and stars will cast their Universal energies on our wonderful little paradise.