More than 160 hotels for sale in Portugal

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Largely due to the pandemic a total of 166 hotels are up for sale

More than 160 hotels are currently for sale in Portugal due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a study by real estate portal Idealista. A total of 166 hotels are up for sale, the most expensive costing 36 million. The largest number of hotels for sale is found in the central region (53), followed by the north (37) and the Algarve (29). The most expensive is located in Praia da Oura, in Albufeira, in the district of Faro, for a value of 36 million euros.

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It is not the government that has closed the business.
It is tourist that does not want come.

And that is a clever decision.
Covid is dangerous. And all clever people avoid risk.

Who can think that a pub evening or a party is more important than heath and life.

By Gustav from Algarve on 26-01-2021 07:17

The only "fake" in the covid situation in the US is what Republicans, the right wing media and trump say. Over 420,000 US dead, close to 1/4 of the number of those worldwide isn't fake. Bodies piled in refrigerated trucks, infants on ventilators, elderly cut off from loved ones, massive numbers of people losing their homes and going without food isn't fake or manufactured conditions. Any suggestion of such is purely inflammatory rhetoric, idiotic and spurred by what is TRULY "fake news."

By Grace from USA on 25-01-2021 05:03

Covid is real.

By John Smart from USA on 01-01-2021 02:55

What I see is loss of value in the country of one of the big businesses because it was force to shut down by government. That means loss values and bankruptcy by so many hotels which means loss of income for the country. Government shut down of big income business for jobs and Government only produces poverty for the country.

Look out for recession big time not just in Portugal but world wide created by NOT reality but fear created by University compute models of death and fake news panic to sell papers NYT. Then US Democrat using it for political ends to destroy the American great economy to win election. Portugal government people obey EU wrong ideas.

We have recession coming and these numbers of hotels up for sell proves one of your big industry is really hurt and going to be bad for next 5 years to 10 depending on government reactions to economy demands.

NOT a good sign of economic health with NO hope for long time. Citizens look out for you have to take care of your self. Bad Government ideas create lot of pain. Wars are started by Government leaders and this economic needless shut down is government at work to destroy jobs.

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 20-12-2020 07:45

Rod from's not a con....ho back to trump town

By John from Alentejo on 17-12-2020 09:48

100 km down lissabon

By Jan wagenaar from Lisbon on 17-12-2020 06:07

The Covid scam continues to destroy people and businesses.
Politicians seem to remain unaffected.

By rod from USA on 17-12-2020 03:19
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