"The objective of improving this waste collection activity is to promote the population's contribution to solving environmental problems that result from the incorrect disposal of this waste", explains the Oleiros municipality.

The new municipal collection network for used cooking oils has a total of 15 collection points throughout the municipality of Oleiros, 13 of which are already installed and in operation.

The municipality also explains that the sensors applied to the oil, "are connected to a mobile network for monitoring, which allows the container to be connected to a 'back office' system for better management of routes and collections in real time, among others."

The new equipment also has an identification and recognition system, allowing interaction with the user, through an application for mobile phones.

By using this application, citizens are “contributing to the control of the collection service, at the same time they will have access to exclusive campaigns defined by the municipality and the company that will proceed with the collection, transport and recovery of used oils, transforming them into biodiesel ", concludes the municipality.