Defying the rules against the covid-19 pandemic, thousands of people from various U.S. states gathered without a mask in the capital, converging on a rally in support of Donald Trump. The outgoing President, who continues to deny the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, has been encouraging his supporters to march in the capital for several days in a demonstration aimed at countering the results of the 3 November presidential election. Mr. Trump is expected to speak to protesters on a terrace located in the south wing of the White House, and he is expected to repeat the allegations of voter fraud.

Katherine Caldwell, 61, and her husband purposely came from Oregon to support Trump in his crusade against ratifying election results. "They stole the election. I'm absolutely sure of that," Caldwell said, referring to the Democrats' alleged action, saying that the same "theft" will have happened in the second round of elections for two Senate seats in the state of Georgia, which should give democrats another victory by allowing them to control the upper house of the Senate. "They used the fraudulent machines again. The people of Georgia are corrupt," he told protesters from Oregon, who went to Washington wearing a cowboy hat and a big red flag that reads "Trump is my President."

Other demonstrators hold signs that say "Stop the theft," the rallying cry of those who believe the 3 November election was a fraud, despite court decisions and statements from election officials. Today's demonstration comes as the two chambers of Congress meet in a joint session to validate the results of the Electoral College that gave the victory to Joe Biden, who is expected to take office on the 20th of this month. The congress meeting is scheduled for 1pm local time (6pm in Lisbon).