Take full advantage of the Algarve’s mild climate and discover one of Europe’s most interesting fairways.

At present, the Algarve has roughly 30 courses, all of them providing perfect conditions for playing golf all year round. Another feature common to all the courses is the beauty of their natural landscape, enhanced by the intelligence of their design. For all these reasons, the Algarve’s golf courses have begun to host more and more international tournaments, whilst remaining a genuine paradise for all golf lovers.

Well-known to golfers from all over the world, the Algarve’s courses are prized for the beauty and quality of their layouts, many of them designed by some of the most highly regarded course architects.

Just like its golden sandy beaches, the Algarve’s fairways and greens stretch endlessly into the distance. The region’s Mediterranean-like climate, its natural beauty and the quality of its golf courses combine to make the Algarve a perfect golfing destination. The courses have a wide range of different settings and difficulties, making it possible for professionals, amateurs and even the mildly curious to find one that is suited to their needs.

Either before or after yet another round of golf, you should take some time to discover the other Algarve away from the fairways and greens. The region’s beaches are like genuine picture postcards and are the perfect setting for sunbathing, seaside strolls or relaxing boat rides.

The natural parks and the surrounding hills are ideal for setting out to discover nature in its purest and wildest forms. Hiking, safaris, bike-riding or horse-riding, these are just some of the activities that you can enjoy with the magnificent Algarve landscape as your permanent natural backdrop. Or you might prefer to take a special treatment in a spa, taste the delicious local shellfish in a restaurant terrace overlooking the sea, take in a concert or show, go shopping, visit churches and historical monuments or enjoy a flutter at the casino, all of them exciting suggestions that will guarantee you some moments of pure relaxation and fun.

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