A Latin Lover: What Makes Portuguese Men Such Great Lovers?

Women all over the world dream of “Latin lovers”. They’re the romantic interest in plenty of chick flicks and women’s literature, and many women of all ages to pine for a “summer romance” with a younger, hotter, and - of course - Latin lover. But what’s the big deal?

Whether it’s Latin America, or Spain, Portuguese, Italian and French men in Europe, something about being “tall, dark and handsome” translates to women from all over the world. Whether it’s the sexy Latin languages and the accent that comes with it, the fact they treat their mothers and sisters like queens or the chivalry that seems to have died out in most Western Countries - there is something about Latin Men that has given them a reputation as the world’s greatest lovers.

But what is it about Latin men - particularly Portuguese men - that makes them such great lovers, and what is it like to have a Portuguese boyfriend?

Age is Just a Number for Portuguese Men

Portuguese men are extremely close to their mothers and other female family members - the time they spend with them helps them to see older women like “people” - rather than “on the shelf” or “past it” like in many other cultures. Portuguese and other Latin Men are more likely to seek an older woman, especially someone who will take a more caring role.

The situation of age-gap in a relationship is not something unusual for a Portuguese man, and via clickandflirt it's even more popular than you could imagine. Looking for love with younger Portuguese men is easier than you might think - even if you’re looking for an attentive, committed, and Latin lover.

Commitment is More Important than Romance

Portuguese men don’t have the same reputation as Italians and Spanish men when it comes to romance - but don’t let that be a turn-off. Portuguese men are still a thousand times more romantic than most American men! And while they might not shower you with roses every morning, they will always pull out your chair, hold open the door and cook you dinner in the evenings.

As many women know, romance isn’t everything - and some Latin men have a bad reputation for being unfaithful or unable to commit, but not Portuguese men! Where they lack in romance they make up in commitment, and once you’re committed to a Portuguese man, he will remain faithful, shower you with affection, and make sure you feel loved every single day.

Open, Trustworthy and Intelligent: What Makes Portuguese Men Great

Portugal offers a much more relaxed way of life than the USA, and it shows in the people. Long, lazy lunches at work, weekends at the beach with the family, and an entire evening dedicated to cooking dinner are all normal for Portuguese people, and they will help bring that level of relaxation into your life too.

As family men, trust and being open are among the most important things Portuguese men aspire to find in life. Education is extremely important in Portugal, so don’t be shocked if your Portuguese partner knows more about the US politics than some US politicians do - it’s in their nature to want to know as much as possible and share their knowledge with others.

Due to growing up in such open and friendly family units, Portuguese men are extremely open - and you’re unlikely to learn about big secrets later down the line. Portuguese men are happy to speak about past traumas, family, aspirations, and secrets on a first date - so if you’re looking for that level of openness in a relationship, what are you waiting for?