“This is the first and only cannabis-based preparation or substance for medicinal purposes allowed in our country and we are planning in the near future to make other products accessible to patients in Portugal", says Rita Barata, general director of Tilray Portugal, located in Cantanhede, in the district of Coimbra, in a statement sent to The Portugal News.

According to the official, patient “demands are increasing "and Tilray's mission is to provide the “safest and best quality products that comply with their needs".

In Portugal, the use of preparations and substances based on the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes is, according to Tilray, approved for several situations, "in cases where it is determined that conventional treatments do not produce the expected effects".

Among the various uses are chronic pain (associated with cancer diseases or the nervous system), spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries, nausea and vomiting (resulting from chemotherapy, radiotherapy and HIV combination therapy and medication for Hepatitis C) and appetite stimulation in palliative care of patients undergoing cancer treatments or with AIDS.

"Completion of this [approval] process confirms Tilray's quality and safety standards for production", stresses the statement, adding that "this is the first time that a complete quality dossier is required and delivered to obtain marketing authorisation of a substance based on the cannabis plant".

Sascha Mielcarek, general manager of the company in Europe, points out that Infarmed's authorisation "confirms that Tilray's medical cannabis products are up to the highest national and international standards".

The company is a world pioneer in the research, cultivation, production and distribution of medical cannabis, with its products available in 16 countries worldwide.

The production unit in Cantanhede has all the necessary certifications to grow and produce cannabis-based preparations and substances for medicinal purposes locally and to export finished products with Production Practices certification to the entire European Union and other international markets that use the plant for medical treatments.

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