"It is a letter, that is, of attribution of the possession of a church to a successor which would amount to the succession of parish, of parish priest of a church. It is signed by the Bishop of Lamego D. João Camelo de Madureira, in 1506, who is well known for having been responsible for ordering the altarpiece of the Se of Lamego to the painter Vasco Fernandes, that is, Grão Vasco", said Alexandra Falcão.

The delivery of the document is scheduled for "February 20th, in an 'online' ceremony, accompanied by a virtual round table", in which "the entire body of researchers who have been involved with the document over the past year" will participate.

Alexandra Falcão explained to Lusa that she was contacted in January last year by a man who claimed to have found the document for sale in an internet auction and said that he would like to acquire it to then donate it to the museum.

"An attitude that we consider exemplary and is unprecedented in our history of donations made to the Museum."

The man managed to acquired it to then offer it to the Museum and "associated with the purchase triggered a whole process of study and analysis of the document", he said.