Manuel Machado resumes a project developed and pioneered in Portugal and the Iberian peninsula, in the 90s by the same mayor, but which was later abandoned, which will now be served by 100 percent electric buses dedicated to transporting people to the city centre.

Initially, according to Manuel Machado, it will work with five lines. “It will work with the necessary vehicles already purchased for the service, which associates the transportation of people with the car park”, the mayor said.

The seven parking lots associated to the “Ecovia” system will be located next to the main access roads of the city, in order to cover most of the routes and will be located in Praça Heróis do Ultramar (underground), in Vale das Flores (next to to the Oficina Municipal de Teatro), on the right bank of Parque Verde do Mondego (Ínsua dos Bentos), at the north end of the avenues of Conímbriga and Guarda Inglesa, at Casa do Sal and Choupal (next to the N111-1).

“The objective is to provide citizens with urban mobility in adequate and comfortable conditions, at the same time offering car parking”, said the Mayor of Coimbra.

In addition to the convenience for the citizens, Manuel Machado intends to attract private cars to peripheral areas where parking is possible and then transport for people who have gone to work or for tourism.

According to the mayor, the price of €2.60 for individual tickets with daily validity (two trips and parking) or €35 for a monthly pass “is contained, fair and balanced”.

For the Mayor, this transport system “protects the historic centre and the central part of the city from pollution”.

The “Ecovia” will work in conjunction with the Coimbra Municipal Transport Service (SMTUC) and the future ‘metrobus’ system”.