Europe can achieve herd immunity by July

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Europe could have herd immunity against Covid-19 by July, a European Union commissioner has said, as incoming jabs are expected to speed up the continent’s sluggish vaccine rollout

The note of optimism comes even as several European countries have started re-imposing restrictions as they contend with surging coronavirus infections, and after mixed messaging on the safety of a key jab.

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton predicted that immunity across the continent could be achieved by July 14.

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Dream on.

By James from Algarve on 22-03-2021 03:02

They are joking.

So far, in Portugal, they've done enough jabs to immunize 6.5% of the population (average between those with 1 or 2 jabs). This is after three months.

AZ is still under-delivering massively while trying to ship vaccines out of the EU and to other countries, and says it will also do that again in second quarter.

My brother in the US just got his Pfizer jab, he's 48.

Meanwhile, my parents here in Portugal are late 70s, and they don't even have a date for when they might get their jabs. Looking like May at the absolute earliest, considering Portugal has only just done 50% of the over 80s.

So for me, late 40s, I am not going to get a jab this year.

I don't believe the promises from the people at the drug companies, and I don't believe the promises from the EU.

In the US they promised 100 million jabs in 100 days, they did it in 58 days.

Here they promise and promise and promise, but you watch the numbers everyday, and it's the same. They are averaging 20k vaccinations PER DAY, do the maths. That is 1% of the population PER WORK, and at this rate, it's two years before we get everyone done.

If we want herd immunity, we're just going to have to catch it. That's the only chance most of us will get to be out of this lockdown.

By Paul from Lisbon on 22-03-2021 09:48
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