The People, Animals, Nature (PAN) legislative initiative had the votes in favour of the Socialist Party (PS), the Left Bloc (BE), the Ecologist Party "Os Verdes" (PEV), the non-attached deputies Cristina Rodrigues and Joacine Katar Moreira, and the PSD deputy Cristóvão Norte, besides the PAN itself.

Liberal Initiative (IL) and PS MP Hugo Costa abstained, and PSD, PCP, CDS-PP, Chega and three PS MPs (Pedro do Carmo, Norberto Patinho and António Gameiro) voted against the proposal.

"The shooting of pigeons has long caused outrage throughout the world. The report by Inês Sousa Real (PAN), on behalf of the EPP-ED group, said that pigeon shooting had been banned in England, the country of origin, exactly 100 years ago (1921) and had been banned from the Olympic Games.

She condemned the death of "hundreds of pigeons in each competition", stressing that "in most cases" there is no immediate death, so there is great suffering of the animals, and considering that this initiative translates a "civilizational advance".

Also the draft law of the ENP that prohibits the use of live animals for the sport of shooting with a hunting gun was approved in the plenary session, with votes in favour of the PS, BE, PAN, ENP, the non-attached deputies Cristina Rodrigues and Joacine Katar Moreira, and the PSD deputy Cristóvão Norte.

PSD deputy Hugo Costa abstained and PSD, PCP, CDS-PP, Chega, IL and three PS deputies (Pedro do Carmo, Norberto Patinho, António Gameiro) voted against.

The other two draft laws, presented by BE and non-attached Member Cristina Rodrigues, which were also discussed on the same subject, were sent back to the speciality committee for 60 days without a vote.

The BE initiative aims to prohibit the practice of shooting animals bred in captivity and released to serve as targets in hunting training camps and shooting events, while the proposal of the ex-PAN MP who wants to restrict exclusively sporting practices that cause death to animals.

Finally, the draft resolution presented by Chega, for the inclusion of priority protection of animals in the national civil protection plan, was rejected with votes against by PS, PCP, with PSD, BE, CDS-PP, PEV and the non-attached Member Cristina Rodrigues abstaining and the remaining in favour.