German decision to ban travel to Portugal part of the 'emergency brake'

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The European Commission said on 28 June that the ban on non-essential travel to Portugal adopted by Germany is part of the so-called “emergency brake” provided in the decision of the Council of the European Union (EU) on tourism within the scope of Covid-19.

"We were informed by the German authorities of the decision to consider Portugal as an area of ​​virus variant, which comes in the context of the emergency brake that is provided for in the Council recommendation", said the spokesman for the community executive for Justice at the conference of the community executive's daily press release.

This 'emergency brake' allows Member States to tighten up measures to halt the progression of the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

Health authorities in Germany have placed Portugal on the 'red list', a decision that will take effect from this Tuesday and that will force all travelers coming from Portuguese territory to a 14-day quarantine.

This measure has been taken due to the increase in the incidence rate of Covid-19 in Portugal, which, according to the most recent data, are 138.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in mainland Portugal and 137.5 in the entire territory.

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The Covid scam continues.

152 people. and that justifies all of the masks, lies etc.

The government and medical people/pharma are corrupt liars. follow the money.

By rodric reese from USA on 28-06-2021 03:49

dont blame germany...its ANTÓNIO who failed to take care for the well being - incl economically - for HIS people !!!
ANTÓNIO é um fracasso.... ANTÓNIO embora !!!

By Matias from Lisbon on 28-06-2021 03:27

Great news for all non-German holiday makers, sun loungers will be available to all at hotel swimming pools!

By greg from Other on 28-06-2021 03:22
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