Depending on where one lives in the Algarve the situation of dogs barking continuously for a very long time throughout the day and night can be tantamount to mental torture. Especially if one cannot get a decent nights sleep. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture used as we well know.

It seems some people were driven to their limits and took this horrible step, whereas, the blame and action should be taken against the owners of these dogs, many whom are strays, although I have seen dogs with collars roam around in town and in the area where I live. These dogs are left to wander around freely at night OR left in the property of the owners to howl away without any regard for the neighbours. Surprisingly the owners themselves are oblivious to the continuous barking.

If one was to have a gathering (post restrictions) or decide to play loud music after a certain time in the evening, this would not be considered neighbourly and the police would be called but, not so with barking dogs which seems to be acceptable form of noise pollution.

Calls to the Câmara it seems did not result in any action despite being given the address of the individuals, other than to commiserate and the suggestion to call the police (GNR) which seems excessive, especially as when the police finally decide to venture out the dogs have to be barking for them to take action. Talking to the owners of the dogs in the neighbourhood has been futile, they just shrug and say dogs bark!! So I wonder if that was the course of action someone took was because there seemed no possibility of a resolution, other than their action, which was clearly misguided.

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