Doctors and pharmacists say pandemic is over.

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Doctors and pharmacists have spoken out in an open letter on 16 July against taking "extraordinary lockdown measures" to fight the pandemic, warning that they produce "more serious" effects on society than Covid-19.

In the letter, released by some media outlets, the 20 signatories take a snapshot of the current situation in the country stating that in the last 14 days (up to 8 July), the Covid-19 mortality rate was 0.03 per 100,000 inhabitants, against a mortality rate from other diseases and causes of death of 2.7 per 100,000.

"The average number of patients hospitalised for Covid-19 was 528.7, in a total of around 21,000 NHS beds, in which 17,700 were dedicated to Covid-19," stress the signatories, among whom are the President of the Portuguese Pharmacists' Association, Ana Paula Martins, pathologist Germano de Sousa, public health physician Jorge Torgal.

They also note that the incidence of positive tests was 254.8/100,000, "but the true incidence of Covid-19 is unknown", and that the "incidence" of infection among those who completed the vaccination plan is 0.01 percent.

Given this picture, the signatories state that "it is not reasonable to combat the current situation - no longer pandemic, but endemic - using 'sanitary' measures, whose effectiveness has been questioned by several prestigious researchers".

They also consider that these measures produce "more serious effects for society and the common good than the disease itself" and that some of them "may have contributed to the increased circulation of the virus".

"The risk of dying from a disease other than Covid-19 is, yes, increasing in Portugal," they say.

In this sense, they appeal to health authorities and the Government, before taking decisions with "enormous deleterious potential", to consider the scientifically based opinions of scientists and health professionals who, without denying the importance of Covid-19, whose response should be "a priority", propose strategies for its approach different from those that have been followed.

For the signatories, it is possible to outline a strategy avoiding the use of the "wrong measures of general lockdown".

They suggest measures such as "speeding up vaccination", simplifying the process, "excessively consuming of human resources, which are lacking in health centres for the normal care of patients", and involving civil society agents in the process, such as pharmacies, to "rapidly increase vaccination coverage".

They also advocate the improvement of epidemiological surveillance, which they consider "has been a failure in Portugal", the end of "weekend measures" and others of the same kind, "which have already shown to have no impact on the number of new cases".

"We are in an endemic phase and only ignorance about what is really happening on the ground can lead to postponing once again the need to install a real-time, computerised and centralised monitoring system of hospital beds, a factor that, during the last year, has led to a closure of healthcare provision to 'non Covid-19' patients", they criticise.

In their view, this situation is having and will have in the future, "disastrous consequences in terms of morbidity and mortality.

This is a "determining aspect" to take into account in the "risk matrix", because, they say, "the risk of dying from a disease other than Covid-19 is indeed increasing in Portugal".

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A vaccine so amazing that they have to force people to take it, against a disease so terrible that people have to test themselves to see if they have it.

By Magnus from Other on 20-07-2021 11:43

I'm not going to argue your "facts". In a year or two, we will see who the survivors are. Pedro Simas top virologist had suggested in May that we will all get this "virus" either by infection or injection. Pretty sure I've already had this and it wasn't the end of the world.
The global agenda that's been focusing on vaccines and sanitary apartheid, has never focused on the origin of the "virus" or why life in Wuhan went back to normal as early as May 2020.
Robert, I can smell propaganda a mile away. Especially when it's as cheap and as riddled with holes like Swiss cheese.
Hope you're going to be well with 1,2,3 or more regiments of the gene therapy.
Please identify yourself because you could be a spreader of whatever it is, the labs have injected you with.
All places that are "vaccinated only" will not see my business. As it stands, the unvaccinated will start their own business or operate as "unvaccinated only" establishments.
That's not illegal, is it?

By Paula from Algarve on 18-07-2021 09:52

@ João Carlos
Bout of verbal diarrhea ?
Look who is talking.

By Bruno Suarez from Lisbon on 18-07-2021 07:11

What a massive pile of idiots , that are supposedly well educated as they come from a 1 at world country , you all have the Covid but it's manifesting as verbal diarrhea in you guy's. The internet is full of fact's and lies , some from really clever people and the rest from your fellow idiots , before making comments study a bit, maybe then you will stop acting like zombies , and more like intelligent humans you claim to be. So sick of all the chicos espertos! Lucky I not in china where all I complain about worked , why because of respect of the law and respect for others .

By João Carlos Bastos from Other on 18-07-2021 03:33

Governments around the world, airlines around the world, cities around the world, restaurants around the world, cinemas around the world, public transport around the world, supermarkets around the world - all insisting on implementing preventative measures to stop the spread of the virus - you break the law if you speed in car, you break the law if you drive and don't wear seat belt, you break the law if you deal or take class A drugs, you break the law if you steal, etc...society throughout history has taken measures to protect its more no less...not fascism my dear....human life preservation...! I am not suggesting vaccines be mandatory just suggesting measures will be introduced to encourage vaccination or if you wish to be outside the club...don't expect to be flying, eating out, going to theatre etc anytime soon...I watched my adult daughter go through hell with covid, I myself was on enhanced inhalation and drip for 6 if you can prevent getting infected or infecting others...take one for the human race team...that's all...stay safe..

By Robert from Other on 18-07-2021 02:33

I hope you're living on a different planet. Earth has no place for fascism any longer!

By Paula from Algarve on 18-07-2021 01:29

I only speak of what I see and what makes sense. Too much internet, available to both intelligent and egocentric alike, makes people who use to use common sense, question their own ability to make decisions anymore. What I see is a slow but sure returning to normal. More hospital services are available now that vaccines are taking affect. What I don't see are zombie humans, implanted with a vaccine chip, walking around, drooling and doing the bidding of their government. I pay my taxes, and I still get government services in return. In all countries, governments are operating the same as they did before. Some for the benefit of their citizens, some for the benefit of big world conspiracy. I'm in construction. In this whole covid thing, I only missed two weeks work at the very beginning, and still collected employment insurance. Fortunately for me, conspiracy theorists still need a roof over their heads.

By William from Other on 18-07-2021 12:08

Huge covid and vaccine debates going on throughout the world!

Many many millions of people around the world have been infected by covid!

Several million (+4 million so far) people around the world have DIED..after contracting Covid!

Many millions of people around the world vaccinated - NET RESULT - FEWER INFECTED PEOPLE DYING!

Governments around the world and hospitals and doctors and nurses all working for their fellow human beings to prevent them from being hospitalised and dying!

Governments lock people up if and when they are a risk to society!

Unvaccinated people are at risk to their own health and fellow humans wellbeing....Time to take one for the team????????...or perhaps governments will take further steps to protect society and the human race...!

By Robert from Other on 18-07-2021 07:17

Gustav, please listen to what I am saying, this flu was finished in november, december 2020.

I repeat again you should make a trip to Sweden and see with your own eyes there is no problem here why then is it this crazy in Portugal?

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 10:55

William, dont write things you do not understand... mRNA technology is not vaccines!

mRNA produce the spike proteins the components that cause illness, when you take this drugs you inject the live disease, mRNA is not a traditional vaccine with a dead virus.

Also this pandemic was finished before the so called vaccines appeared, it was no problems in Texas or Florida and in Sweden, it has been no significant difference in annual mortality year 2020 compared with the past 20 years.

Masks, lock downs, the vaccines and social distancing prolong and create new illnesses.

I have practised reversed from what the ministries of truth propaganda broadcasted via state media, if this was the super flu of the millenium, I should be sick or dead by now...

Fresh air, keep stress to a minimum, fresh orange juice 1 liter a day plus vitamin pills exercise example take walk outside every day, do not smoke or drink or take drugs, do not wash hands in abnormal ways and do not wear the disease spreading masks this is the best practise.

I recommend stop watching state TV propaganda, get airplane ticket go to Sweden and rest for 12 months to get cured from the brainwashing, we have had state TV propaganda in Sweden but the campaign to brainwash the population was not as successful here as in Portugal, UK and Canada.

Covid 19 is season flu 2020, if not can you explain why zero cases with influenza was reported in 2020 and 2021? It is not possible to vaccinate against viruses like influensa because the viruses by nature mutates, or do you really want to take 1 injection a month?

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 10:48

Strange how no-one has died from influenza in the past 2 years without being vaccinated and yet hundreds have died of Covid in spite of beng vaccinated !!
Perhaps we should rename Covid as influenza and see what the statisticians can make of that ! :>)

By Roy Carpenter from Algarve on 17-07-2021 10:40

The improvement is the result of the vaccines. As the article states, these doctors and pharmacists point out the need to speed up vaccinations and increase coverage. Unfortunately, those who refuse the vaccines and safety protocols are actually to blame, for this whole thing dragging on, and in turn, the continuing restrictions! When you got vaccines as a child, you taught your immune system to recognize viruses and it impeded their replication and you didn't get sick, or only got mildly sick. By not being vaccinated now, if you get it, it's allowed to replicate freely in your cells, and you can get severely ill, and, in the mean time you share it with others because you don't follow safety protocols, especially since you like to hangout with others who think like you. And when it comes to variants, that's just a natural consequence of the virus replicating. It sometimes gets stronger; it sometimes gets weaker. Again, by not getting vaccinated, you allow the virus free will to replicate and mutate into variants, instead of teaching your immune system to recognize and impede the virus.
You cried as a child when you got your vaccines, and you're still crying now.

By William from Other on 17-07-2021 10:12

Vaccines against flu is worthless, and imposing vaccine apartheid and the vaccines doesnt work is evil and made not for health reasons, the agenda is about control.

United Kingdom: Vaccinated Minister of Social Affairs infected

The British new Minister of Social Affairs Sajid Javid says in a video on twitter on Saturday afternoon that he tested positive for covid. Javid adds that he has been vaccinated with two doses and has mild symptoms.

On Friday, Britain registered more than 50,000 new cases of covid-19, which is the highest number of days since January, reports the BBC .

Javid took up the post on 26 June. He says in the video on Saturday that he is now isolated.

SVT · Jonas Olsson

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 06:23

The number of covid19 cases are higher than ever for the last ½ year. In many countries. How can you say that it is over.

It is restarting : delta

Than what measures to take is another thing.
Most important: Keep distances !!!
And we do not need detailed laws

By Gustav from Algarve on 17-07-2021 06:19

Mandatory vaccination MUST be fought at all costs! It is against the Nuremberg Code and human rights!

By SS from Algarve on 17-07-2021 05:18

Ridiculous! I want to stay scared, wear a mask, take all the injections and please take my freedom away.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 17-07-2021 04:25

Many people have said same thing for the past 6 months, thank god there is still people with a brain!

Not all people are like scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz movie.

I could wile away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain
And my head I'd be scratchin'
While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain...

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 03:46

Yes, it's over!

Now focus on the lawmakers trying to impose mandatory vaccination in Portugal. The law is being discussed in parliament and could pass very soon.

By Paula from Algarve on 17-07-2021 03:36

Once they come out of emergency, it is hard to justify administering drugs on the population which are not out of experimental stage. ie The vaccine.

By Bob Elision from Lisbon on 17-07-2021 02:41

Corrupt politicians will tell you when the scamdemic is over.

By rodric reese from USA on 17-07-2021 02:04
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