For many, the pandemic was a wake-up call of sorts, as suddenly the business world was forced into finding alternatives to a fixed workplace. However, working from home during a pandemic can be tedious, when neither the right work setting nor the right desk exist, and your usual home environment seems to suddenly turn against you and get in the way of productivity.

But what if you look at it from a different angle and realise that you can set up a comfortable working environment anywhere you want? With that, Covid has triggered a mind shift, which can turn into the next industrial revolution and bring the topic of "digital nomads" to the public’s attention. Thanks to this, a fast internet-connection is now becoming more important than a short distance to the customer or the workplace. Experiments with sharing desks within an office have been around for many years, but now people don’t have to be bound to the office buildings at all, which opens up endless possibilities.

Quinta dos Vales has quickly recognised this potential and designed their new resort with long-term stays in mind. In a world where Zoom is the new conference room, The Vines, located in the centre of the Algarve and surrounded by picturesque vines, can certainly become the ideal office away from office. If you can log into your morning meeting and close a deal from your own dining table, why can't you do it from a winery near the beach? Live in the Algarve, but work in Lisbon, Paris, London or Berlin – the borders and distances simply don’t exist anymore.

This new working environment for digital nomads promises health, productivity and more in a beautiful and serene environment of a wine estate. Being a popular destination for holidays, it offers accommodation for tourists all year round. However, turning a holiday setting into a lifestyle is now easier than ever with the possibility of long-term rentals for a full year or even just for the winter season, for as little as 2.000 € for the full 5-month stay.

A year-round heated pool is just one of the amenities the resort has to offer. Internet connection is ensured through a fibre-optic connection, and the sports and entertainment options are near limitless, with plenty of on-site facilities such as tennis, paddle tennis, mini-golf, as well as an incredible assortment of golf and tennis clubs nearby. The wide variety of local restaurants has something for all tastes, and from 2022 there will even be a spacious restaurant located on-site.

Karl Heinz Stock, owner of Quinta dos Vales and developer of the resort says, "I had many friends during my time in Portugal who worked as lawyers or management consultants in Northern Europe, but diverted their phones to their homes in Portugal. They only visited their actual offices once or twice a month, and clients hardly noticed this. I myself did the opposite for many years and came home from Moscow almost every weekend, spending 24 hours on travel for the ability to "relax for 36 hours" with the family. Today, with an interconnected world, I would probably do this the other way round, work from home and only travel to the office occasionally."

Among the benefits that the Algarve has to offer are lower costs, amazing food and more than 300 days a year full of sunshine. A great work-life balance, positive mindset and greater productivity are not something to pass on either. After all, if an office can be anywhere, why not choose the best?

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