In a statement, the GNR command in Faro said that the actions took place on 29 July, in Albufeira, and at dawn on 30 July, in Vilamoura, where “a party with about 400 people was detected in an isolated area”.

Following the action, “several aggressions were reported, which forced immediate intervention to restore order and security in the area, with various authority forces in the site”, the note reads.

In this action, three people were also detained, which were constituted as defendants, “and the respective administrative offenses were drafted within the scope of the covid-19 and road legislation”.

The first action, on 29 July, was triggered following a complaint to the Maritime Police, which asked for support to the GNR post of Olhos de Água, in Albufeira.

When they went to the site, the GNR “found a large gathering of people disrespecting the rules of occupation and permanence” in a restaurant with around 200 people being counted.

According to the GNR, the people “did not comply with the rules of physical distance and exceeded the capacity allowed in the space”, which was closed by the police force.

The action included the reinforcement of the Public Order Intervention Group (GIOP) of the Intervention Unit (UI) and with the collaboration of the Albufeira Delegation of the National Maritime Authority.