Golfland is a family entertainment park where all generations can relax and have fun together. Sip a tasty drink or hone your golf skills while your kids can have fun on the playground and perhaps end the day with a healthy and sophisticated dinner.

Just to give you an idea, these are some of the things you will be able to find if you visit: a mini golf course in a tropical garden, two TrackMan golf simulators, a lovely and healthy restaurant, three bars, terraces with views of the garden and Ria de Alvor, children’s playground, BBQ and daily entertainment.

Located in the center of Alvor, Golfland is a new attraction that brings fun and leisure. “We saw the need for a new tourist attraction in Alvor. There was very little to do for summer holiday makers and for winter golf tourists as well as for all the expats that spend 6-10 months every year in the Algarve. Golfland has become very popular with the local Portuguese population. We organise a lot of birthday parties and other events”, said Rey Langels, one of the founders and CEO.

Exotic Mini Golf

Whatever your mood, this place will delight you. The Mini Golf course at Golfland is a very fun activity to do with your family, friends or co-workers. ‘Magic Family Fun Mini Golf’, is the name of this 18-hole course surrounded by a tropical environment.

It has a playful concept that entertains its players in a healthy competition, everyone loves this space - experts and beginners, tourists and locals, adults and kids. On the way we find some challenging and creative scenarios that will make you think before you swing.

Therefore, it’s not just a mini golf course, it’s something more. Animations like snakes and dragons that talk and interact with you when you get closer, a small lake, and tables to rest for a while and have a drink – all of these while walking through the mini golf course.

In my personal experience, I almost felt like I was back in my childhood, because the whole environment is contagious. At night, the experience is even better due to the large investment in lighting that makes the space even more magical.
Test your skill and creativity levels while having a lot of fun!

Trackman: Golf Stimulators

Besides a Family Entertainment Park, Golfland is a meeting point for golfers of all levels, whether through Mini Golf or using the most modern indoor golf studio in Portugal with two Trackman simulators.

Beginners and experienced golfers can learn and improve their skills in a controlled environment with Trackman golf simulator, which gives you the chance to train on world-famous courses with friends across the planet. Furthermore, the simulator has a precision like no other, which allows you to get a lot of information about your performance as a player and improve it.

In my opinion, this place has great advantages, not least because it is not subject to bad weather, meaning you can play whenever you want - within our simulator you have all the comfort conditions, including A/C and a bar. In addition, you don’t have to carry the equipment around the golf course. “The gameplay is unbelievably smooth, all your club and ball data is shown with unerring, pinpoint accuracy”.

Restaurant & Bar

Food is an essential part of our life. At Golfland restaurant & Bars you can have special moments that you’ll never forget.

At the bar, people can enjoy tasty drinks such as cocktails, natural juices or even special wines (and much more). When it comes to food, the Golfland bars offer delicious and healthy snacks every day from 9:30am to 6pm, after that, they start serving the restaurant’s sophisticated meals.

In its kitchen, Golfland has a strong focus on local products and natural foods. “The theme is healthy and tasty. We offer a wide variety of snacks, starters, main courses, desserts and a children’s menu. Our food and drinks are beautifully prepared and presented, yet very affordable”, said the CEO.

In fact, both the food and the service from the staff were excellent. The menu is made up of typical Portuguese products but with an international approach, such as fresh cod fillet with baby potatoes in “fleur de sel”. Do you know anything more traditional than cod in Portugal? This is where the tradition and sophistication have a perfect match!

Firstly, I relished the Portuguese couvert, which was very different from what we are used to in many of restaurants in the Algarve - the carrot flavored butter was particularly fantastic. Then, we have tried Oysters from Alvor with Green Apple Foam and Vinaigrette, which was really well prepared and fresh, and to finish off the starters a couscous prawn salad with cherry tomatoes, an international meal with a Portuguese taste.

Then I chose the Alvor Sea Bass Fillet with Curry Sauce, Vegetables and Basmati Rice, with a very unpredictable flavour in a perfect combination of Fish and Curry Sauce, which you can accompany with any of their wines – they advise to try the Villa Alvor because it is from the region - but there are many different options from the best Portuguese wines to the most internationally recognised brands.

The main course was followed by a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and caramel and strawberry sauce. Once again, a delightful combination, all plated in a way that will make your eyes sparkle.

In addition to all of these amazing experiences, Golfland often hosts themed nights. Every Tuesday it has a Portuguese night with José Praia and Aqua Viva; Golfland after beach sunset every Friday; Bossa Nova on Saturdays, among others. In September GolfLand will also offer a free round of mini golf and buffet for people over 60 years old to celebrate seniors!