Of the 25 cheapest municipalities to buy a house in Portugal, Penacova ranks first, with owners in this municipality asking on average for €428 per square metre.

According to a study by the idealista, the five cheapest municipalities list is completed with Mortágua (€447m2), Nisa €467m2), Góis (€467m2) and Belmonte (€481m2). The sixth place goes to Carregal do Sal, in Viseu, where the cost per square metre is €490.

For less than €500 euros per square metre, there are also the municipalities of Tondela (€491m2), Arganil (€496m2), Fronteira (€496m2) and Vouzela (€497m2).

The ranking continues with the district of Viseu, more precisely Nelas (€508m2). Next are the municipalities of Crato (€511m2), Proença-a-Nova (€516m2), Santa Comba Dão (€520m2), Idanha-a-Nova (€526m2), Alcanena (€531m2), Mangualde (€533m2), Miranda do Corvo (€537m2), Alvaiázere (€540m2), Avis (€546m2), Vila Nova de Poiares (€547m2) and Castro Daire (€555m2).

In the last three places in the ranking are the municipalities of Castanheira de Pêra (€566 m2), Alpiarça (€564m2) and Vila do Rei (€558m2).