Figueira da Foz - Estoril, the commemorative tour of the oldest car race in the Iberian Peninsula, will debut on the road on 8 and 9 October and is aimed for old cars and motorcycles. The competition held its first edition in 1902”, explains the organization.

In a note, the Museu do Caramulo, which organizes the tour with the Pre-War Racers Portugal club, in partnership with ACP Classics and the Clube Português de Automóveis Antigos, explains that “they bring back a tour that celebrates the golden age of motorsport”.

At that time, the document continues, “the event was intended to head for Cascais, but last-minute changes diverted it to Lisbon, remaining so until 2015, when it was no longer carried out. The Cartrack Figueira da Foz - Estoril tour will head to Cascais, the originally planned destination”, in 1902.

“The pre-war models, produced until 1939, are part of a generation in which cars and motorcycles were made without limitations, with high elegance and exuberance, with attention to detail and materials, which gave them a presence that is rarely seen today”, considers the organization.

In this sense, the Museu do Caramulo argues that “it is a special era that deserves to be seen and celebrated” and, therefore, “this event is now more important than ever, despite there being more and more events, competitions and opportunities for classic car owners can participate and take advantage of their vehicles”.

“The truth is that almost none of them are oriented to be able to receive this type of car, which makes them disappear from the public eye”, considers the organization.

Thus, the Museu do Caramulo calls for the participation of collectors and owners of this type of cars and motorcycles and, for that, “those interested should express their interest and email