The award-winning app with coverage throughout Europe will be available for use in on-street parking in the city of Lisbon, available for use in all street parking spaces across the city.

Global technology company EasyPark has, over the past few years, expanded its services across Europe and is now available in 27 countries around the world.

“The EasyPark app makes it easy to pay for parking with minimal effort for the driver. Our vision is to make cities more liveable and the basis for this is to ensure that the parking experience is as easy and seamless as possible”, said Jennifer Amador Tavares de Sousa, Director for Portugal of the EasyPark Group.

The company also offers software solutions for parking providers, as well as municipalities and property owners, who collect data to help make planning decisions in cities. An optimised parking ecosystem means less time searching for an available parking space, which reduces both congestion and emissions.

“We are happy to take the step of entering Portugal and to start offering our services to both drivers and parking providers. EasyPark will make a significant difference in making Portugal's cities more liveable, starting with Lisbon”, said Jennifer Amador Tavares de Sousa.

EasyPark has coverage throughout Europe and facilitates travel between countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Germany.