A new report from Chef’s Pencil has researched menus at 450 restaurants around the globe with a two or three star Michelin rating and Portugal has come out as one of the most affordable places to enjoy top cuisine.

“From the menu, we researched the prices for the top tasting menu. The top tasting menu is usually an 8-12 course served at dinner. On average, the full tasting menu costs $252 (€215) for two-starred restaurants and a whopping $357 (€304) for three-starred restaurants,” said a statement from Chef’s Pencil.

While Thailand has come out as the most affordable country in their rankings, where the top priced menu costs on average $173, the average price in Portugal is a reasonable $217.

Denmark ($404) was found to be hands down the most expensive place to dine out at a top Michelin-starred restaurant, followed by Singapore ($364), Sweden ($327), Japan ($322) and the U.S. ($313).

Chef’s Pencil has also complied lists of the countries with the highest density of Michelin starred restaurants. Unsurprisingly, France tops the list with 632, followed by Japan with 413 and Italy with 363, however Portugal is once again in the running, being placed in 15th position with 28 in the country.

When it comes to the countries with the highest number of Michelin starred restaurants per capita then Portugal fairs well again, being ranked in 15th with 364,168 people per Michelin starred restaurant, coming above both the USA and UK.