As an individual, I find the idea that I would be in Portugal’s top tax bracket comically bewildering. There’s not a lot of appeal considering the rising cost of living is becoming a burden for Portugal’s already overtaxed citizens.

As someone who manufactures with several Portuguese suppliers and has the ability to work entirely remote, I’ve certainly entertained the idea of immigration. My wife and I love Portugal and it’s people, and would happily raise our child in Portugal. Unfortunately the idea of being a Portuguese tax resident keeps me from pursuing immigration.

If Portugal genuinely wants to attract entrepreneurial minded people willing to immigrate. The kind of people that will meaningfully add to Portugal’s economic and cultural diversity, it needs to ease the burden it places on all its citizens. Otherwise it’s going to be stuck with ageing pensioners and the golden visa crowd, who probably already have a couple offshore structures in place to legally shelter their wealth.

Alexander, By email