"At least 95% are closed (...) and it is probably the civil service strike that closed most schools in our country", said the union leader, in a public statement.

Mário Nogueira added that the participation of teachers in the protest “is extremely high”, and that only in the next few days will more precise data be released about the adhesion to the protest.

The coordinator of the Common Front of Public Administration Unions, Sebastião Santana, called today's strike by the civil service, marked by the union structure of the CGTP, in protest at what the unions consider a divestment in public services.

"Workers in the Public Administration today, from the north to the south of the country, from schools to finance and social security services and prisons (...) there are reports that prove the adhesion of many, many thousands of workers to this strike", said Sebastião Santana.

The CGTP secretary general, Isabel Camarinha, reaffirmed that the failure of the State Budget (OE) does not prevent the negotiation of better conditions for workers, such as fighting precariousness, and said that the Government “is in full swing” and “can obviously make a very broad set of decisions”.

"This massive adhesion of Public Administration workers to the strike that the Common Front called is very demonstrative that workers do not accept to continue to be treated in this way, without having v their work and careers valued for ten years, which is unacceptable" , added the secretary general.

Isabel Camarinha also said that today's strike "is a great sign" for the Government and employers, and recalled that on November 20 "all" workers will attend a large national demonstration in Lisbon.

The civil service strike, scheduled for today by the Frente Comum, began overnight in hospitals and with garbage collection services, where shifts began at 23:00 and 22:00, respectively.

Lisbon City Council announced that the city's garbage collection system could be disrupted by the strike and called for people "not to leave garbage in the street".

The Frente Comum (CGTP) demands increases of 90 euros for all workers and a minimum wage of 850 euros in the Public Administration.

On Wednesday, a new round of negotiations took place with the team from the Ministry of Modernization of the State and Public Administration, but the Government did not change its proposal, with a new meeting scheduled for next week.