The amount of water is finite in the world, 97% saline, 3 % non-saline and only a small percent of that drinkable. So, it is very important that we do not upset its cycle, but we have. There are now trillions and trillions of litres of dormant water which was normally in the atmosphere. This has reduced filtration of pollution, reduced the amount in foliage, causing immense fires around the world. The planet was also kept cooler on the surface and below ground. The planet is a living thing and is rapidly melting the Artic circles in order to restore the situation. Nobody seems to realize the reasons why this enormous change has occurred around the world.

In my book “Saving the Planet with Water”, on Amazon Kindle, written 2 years ago, explains why this has all happened. A mind provoking read for instance, if production of wine, beer and soft drinks was stopped, this would go a long way in helping to save this planet.

So, read the facts and figures that gives the answers in today’s water problems and climate change.

Yives Gowb, Author,

By email