According to agricultural forecasts released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), an increase of 40 percent in pear production is also forecast compared to last season, while almond production has seen the highest levels “in the last 24 years”.

As for annual crops, the highlight goes to tomato for the industry "which, as a result of a historically high unitary yield, once again exceeds 1.5 million tonnes", while rice production is also expected to increase (+30 percent, to 173,000 tonnes), and corn production is expected to be 716,000 tonnes (+5 percent compared to 2020).

Kiwi production is also expected to record a record this year, despite the smaller production size of the fruit: “A 10 percent increase in production is expected compared to the previous campaign, reaching, for the first time since there are systematic statistical records, the 50 thousand ton mark”, in other words, “the biggest production of the last 35 years”.