Couples who love the outdoors and dream of having an unforgettable experience on their special day often choose winery venues because of their allure and effortless elegance. With that in mind, having a wedding at the one-of-a-kind wine estate Quinta dos Vales is can only be recommended. It is easy to fall in love with this place at a first glimpse, just as we did, but to tie the knot there, that’s even more special. Let us first share with you the ten things you need to consider when planning an outdoor wedding.

1 - Planning as early as possible

As with everything in life, it is always better for couples to start with their preparations as early as possible, in order to have enough time to look into everything important. By doing this, they can meticulously plan everything for the special day without the usual stresses.

Setting realistic timelines and sticking to them as much as possible is a crucial move when planning. One wouldn't want to end up falling into the trap of indecisiveness. So, there are three things that matter: giving enough time to plan, prioritising tasks, and carrying out everything based on the timeline.

2 - Setting the budget - don’t forget the extras

Professionals suggest that one of the most important things to consider before finalising everything is setting the budget. Outdoor areas can be open to the public so likely require exclusivity fees for special events. This, and any additional costs, such as delivery fees if the location is remote should be considered when planning the budget. Fortunately, at Quinta dos Vales couples don’t have extra fees for delivery because the winery has its own catering, plus accommodation options on-site, such as The Vines.

3 - Deciding on the location

Saying ones vows on a site with panoramic views is probably one of the reasons why couples want to have an outdoor wedding in the first place. If they want the sun to smile on them during their wedding then the south of Portugal is the right choice, and specifically Quinta dos Vales. This stunning wine estate can give couples three wonderful venues for them to say their “I DOs". Venues such as the Sculpture Garden, the Terraço do Picadeiro & BBQ Area, or the Panoramic Terrace & Tasting Room are waiting for them once they decide to host their wedding at the one-of-a-kind wine estate in the Algarve.

4 - Take advantage of the natural scenery

Marrying in an outdoor setting offers endless themes and backdrops for the big day, so couples really should take advantage of that. The natural scenery makes the ambience beautiful and sets the foundation for many meaningful moments. Simply the thought of having a wedding amidst the vines, makes one think of lovely vineyard-contoured slopes and dreamy golden light. Doesn't it sound magical?

5 - Planning for comfort

Often, these kinds of weddings require providing all the necessities that the couple and their guest might need. Planning everything based on what is comfortable for everyone is highly recommended. Is a mobile restroom needed? How about additional shade for the ceremony and reception? Being prepared to give everything that is needed for an outdoor setting is essential for such an important event. Although, when weddings are hosted at the one-of-a-kind wine estate in the Algarve, couples and their guests are completely taken care of. In addition to that, they offer accommodation onsite for them in order to complete the vacation-feel.

6 - Wearing appropriate clothing

Many brides see themselves wearing a ball gown for a wedding, even when this takes place amidst the vines. This might not be an ideal outfit for this kind of location, so couples need to consider what is the most appropriate outfit to wear - taking the location and temperatures into consideration. One would want to be as comfortable as possible on their special day. In addition to that, the guests should be informed as well. This way the couple will ensure that their attendees will truly enjoy celebrating one of the most significant days of their lives.

7- Appropriate menu

Similarly to clothing, the menu should also fit the venue, weather and surroundings. Food that can cool down guests when it's too hot at the ceremony location is always greatly appreciated. On the wedding day when there is guaranteed sunshine, refreshments during the reception are highly recommended. Couples need to be mindful and take that into consideration when finalizing the menu.

When it comes to the catering services and wedding food at the one-of-a-kind wine estate, Quinta dos Vales, the catering team already have experience with this. Tailoring a unique menu for their guests that take all factors into consideration is something they excel at.

8 - Electricity

Again, the right balance between romantic similicity and practicality must be found, and any wedding will need some modern comforts, hence electricity. Destination weddings can be a dream come true, but only if they are properly prepared. Electricity should always be added as an outdoor wedding essential because it is needed for the caterer's equipment, band or DJs instruments or even as lighting.

Although there is something romantic about getting married under the stars, receptions need a little bit more than that. The team at Quinta dos Vales will be sure to inform couples of all this, so that everything runs smoothly on the day.

9 - Plan B

Getting married in an outdoor setting requires a lot of contingency plans because of uncontrolled circumstances that might happen. For example, if everyone is outside, that leaves them at the mercy of Mother Nature. Something that cannot be controlled no matter who you are. Hosting a wedding in the south of Portugal is as close to a guarantee of good weather as possible, but it is always better to be ready for anything that might go wrong on the day itself.

Professional planners always suggest defining a plan B as early as possible in case it gets too sunny for the couple and their guests. Often, that includes discussing an indoor option in the preferred location. If such a possibility isn’t available, having a tent on standby is a great alternative. In essence, being prepared for anything that might not go according to the original plan can relieve a lot of worries.

10 - Asking for help

Nobody can do everything alone, even if it is tempting, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Although it is tempting to do everything alone, asking for help from experts in planning and executing them is always encouraged. What's even better for engaged couples is finding a venue that already has a lot of experience with organizing weddings. That way, they are already hitting two birds with one stone.

Quinta dos Vales is a place that has it all covered as they have an onsite team that makes sure that every event is a success. From the venue up to catering services, this place will help anyone make their wedding dreams come true.

If you are ready to host your wedding in the Algarve, make sure to visit Quinta dos Vales’ website to see more details about their accommodation and wedding options.