Online one can find pretty much all they need – from essay pro review through latest startup breakthroughs up to how to write better, build robots, or create videos. With all this enormous level of information one may find it interesting to browse the educational world. This is especially true for those who are just looking up to start an MBA program.

Yet, lots of places offer MBA programs. We are not talking just the USA here. No, countries in Europe have plenty of potential, too. For example, let’s take Portugal. Since, you know, that’s what we are going to talk about here. The magnificent country has a lot to offer to international students. It boasts wonderful experiences, not only in terms of studying, but also when it comes to living, working, travelling, etc.

So, since you came here searching for top Portugal MBA programs in 2021/2022, let’s not waste any more time but get going.

What is an MBA and Why to Pick It?

MBA – that is the abbreviation that signifies Master of Business Administration. This is really popular graduate degree in management. Thousands of prospective students pick it every year. It allows the participants to accumulate fundamental knowledge in management. So, it works towards introducing a holistic view. It provides data on marketing and finance, as well as accounting but it pays close attention to soft skills and skills on leadership.

Most commonly MBA is picked for it allows graduates to reach a salary increase. Others choose it so that they can better manage people. Also, a reason behind students’ motivation to go after an MBA degree is in order to obtain a senior level position. Common other reasons are change in job functions or getting a job with different organization.

MBA allows degree-holders to advance their careers. This is true no matter what your motivation behind that is. You can easily start a business or get a higher-ranking job position in your own company. You can also switch your function in the present company or locate to a different industry. Generally, MBA is a top-ranking degree that comes to give a lot of knowledge and present you with valuable opportunities.

Now, we are onto the top-ranking MBA programs in Portugal. We’d show some of them. Sure, there are going to be others, as well, but we cannot cover everything. That is why we are focusing on a narrow range to help you decide. We’d give just a brief data, so remember to check the details yourself if something appeals to you.

Catholic Porto Business School

Located in Porto, a major city in Portugal, the Catholic Porto Business School offers a high-ranking part-time MBA International program. It lasts for 16 months and costs about 16-17,000 euro. It requires at least 3 years of professional experience with five years being preferred. English is also a must. GMAT performance will be of value. Other requirements apply, as well. Course is led both in English and in Portuguese. It’s accredited by EQUIS and AMBA.

Porto Business School

Porto Business School offers an opportunity to enroll in full-time Magellan MBA or Executive MBA program. The latter costs 21.000 euro and requires GMAT, at least 5 years of experience, officially recognized degree in higher school, and proficiency in English and Portuguese. The Magellan MBA is with a duration of 14 months, starting in September. Costs about 20-21.500 euros. Also requires English skills, experience (at least three years), an officially recognized degree, evidence of financial stability, GMAT, and other admission documents. Porto Business School is a holder of accreditations from AACSB and AMBA.

Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon

Located in the capital, Nova School of Business and Economics is accredited by AACBS, AMBA, and EQUIS. It offers full-time MBA (that also takes two months at Massachusetts Institute of Technology) at the cost of 36.000 euros. There are also part-time MBA and executive MBA. The part-time also has a two-months-long study at MIT. It lasts 12 months and requires GMAT (or GRE), proof of English proficiency, professional experience, undergraduate degree, and other necessary credentials. The executive MBA is only in Lisbon and costs 25.000 euros. It starts in October and lasts 22 months. Application fee applies. Specific admission requirements are in place.

ISCTE Business School, Lisbon

Another higher education institution in the magnificent capital of Portugal. The ISCTE Business School of Lisbon holds accreditations by AACSB and AMBA. It offers an Executive MBA Program, taught in Portuguese. The program gives 78 ECTS credits. It lasts for 2 years and starts in September. Application fee is 75 euros, whereas the tuition costs 18.990 euros. Certain requirements are in place and some of them are officially recognized degree, professional experience, measurement test, etc.

Lisbon School of Economics and Management

Top-ranking Portuguese university that holds accreditations from AMBA and AACSB. It offers a part-time MBA program that is taught in Portuguese. Starting in September, the program lasts for 18 months. Application fee applies – 75 euros. Tuition cost is 17,500 euros. Admission requirements are in place. Such are the possession of an officially recognized degree, CV, interview, professional experience (more than 3 years), and a certificate of English proficiency.


Those are the five top-ranking Portugal MBA programs that we wanted to show you today. We hope some of them lit the spark in you and showed you how you can continue your education. Sure, going up the ladder is hard, and MBA can help you with that. It gives you new skills, better credentials, and important valuable knowledge.

The MBA programs from those universities in Portugal are accredited and official recognized. They give you high-quality education that prepares you for the world in the business environment. Sure, you are already familiar with it. But now you’d be even more proficient there. So, you’d be able to grow and prosper.

Portugal is a magnificent place. It gives you the chance to experience a wonderful live-and-study-abroad experience. It allows for lots of new friendships, experiences, memories, and dreams-come-true.

So, when you are considering an MBA program in Portugal, you can give a thought to our suggestions. They are meant to give you a broad view on the opportunities available. They are, in no way, exhaustive and you’d need to do some research when you weight the pros and the cons. Then you are all set to live a learning experience that is going to boost your climb up the ladder. We wish you good luck in your learning journey!