Considered the “largest aeronautical summit” in the Iberian Peninsula, the initiative is promoted by the Ponte de Sor Chamber, and will have as its theme in 2022, “Flying for a World of Opportunities”.

The event will give "a special focus" to "investment opportunities available [in the sector] for a recovery that is expected to be unique until 2030", promised the organisers of the Portugal Air Summit, on its Facebook page.

The last edition of the Portugal Air Summit, dedicated to the theme “Flying for a New Start”, took place in October this year, in Ponte de Sor, bringing together more than 200 speakers.

The initiative took place in a mixed format, that is, it had the presence of the public, but, at the same time, it was broadcast online, through streaming, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The annual event includes debates related to the areas of aviation, aeronautics and space and defence, as well as an exhibition of sector products and demonstrations, among other components.