“In 2021, the average price of PT milk stood at 29.98 euros per 100 kg, compared to 35.47 euros per 100 kg in the EU. A difference of more than five cents per litre (approximately one kilogram of milk), which is reflected in a difference of about 15.4% between Portugal and the EU”, revealed the document from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Platform for Monitoring Relations in the Agro-Food Chain (PARCA).

In turn, in 2019, milk consumption was around 112 kg per inhabitant, 10% less than in 2010.

In that decade, the drop in consumption was justified, above all, by the reduction of milk for consumption, which went from 84 to 72.2 kg. As of 2015, drinking milk has stabilized at around 73 kg per year. “[…] In the case of butter, the trend was reversed, with an increase in 'per capita' consumption of 24%”, indicates the report.

In 2020, Portugal exported 266 million milk and dairy products, with emphasis on raw milk/cream. By market, according to the latest available data, reported to 2019, Spain was the main market, representing 91 million euros, followed by Angola (49 million euros).